We’ve had a few people mention — not complain, just mention — that ModBlog has been a little dude-heavy lately, which I didn’t notice, because I am gender-blind. I don’t see gender. Just the way I live my life. People tell me I’m a man, and I believe them. But for those who feel like the wang-to-boob ratio has been off-kilter lately, here’s a young lady who simply and bravely states, “Sometimes, I like being naked on the Internet.” Which is such a weird coincidence, because we like her being naked on the Internet, too! What are the odds?

Clearer views of her tattoos (and other things) after the jump.

(Tattoos by Joe Boyer, piercings by Pat Edrington at Ink & Dagger Tattoo and Piercing in Louisville, Kentucky.)

62 thoughts on “Threatdown

  1. AHHH she’s wearing the necklace I want for Christmas! That makes these pictures even better. She’s pretty, nice tats, and OCTOPUS NECKLACE. Yay.

  2. thank yous to the lady and BME, for brightening up my usual day of murderous intent.

    wow, is she wonderful to behold.

    oh, and nice ink too!

  3. omg…i’m in love too x| she’s so pretty…i wish i had her body xD if i did i would show it on the internet too xD loved the cleavage,the spider web tattoo..almost perfect!

  4. Jordan, What are you talking about? Look at Modblog in its entirety. There’s a serious imbalance of “BME Girls” tags to “BME Guys.” You don’t have to give in to all the “I don’t want to see no guy’s cock!” complaints. That’s what click throughs are for, right? All I’m just saying is don’t get pushed around, and only blog about what people tell you that you should blog about. Anyways, keep up the good work. 😉

    P.S. Please don’t refrain from plugging yourself on the front of modblog. We’d love to see more of Jordan G. other than an 80x80px pic.

  5. Third picture is the nicest I think… and anyone in London wanting that necklace, pretty sure I saw it (and almost bought it :p) at Black Rose in Camden XD

  6. ye…Vik Panda is right..who cares if you put on more boys than girls?who’s countig?????if they don’t want to see boys go somewhere else!

  7. oh…and another thing..i agree with Vik Panda: “Please don’t refrain from plugging yourself on the front of modblog”. i’m sure i’m not the only one who wants that xD!

  8. @Simon
    If I’m not mistaken, that’s the Marilyn Manson “M”
    If so, that’s the only thing about the pictures I don’t like.

  9. If I had a body like that, sometimes I’d like to be naked on the internet too! I think the M is a zodiac symbol. I don’t remember which one it is though.

  10. Gorgeous girl.. and lovely tattoos..

    but am i the only one who doesnt like that surface piercing? It looks like you can see the bar under the skin there..

  11. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen in love with a stranger while perusing this site. But I can tell you that whatever that number was, it’s gone up by one more.

  12. Vik Panda-

    Yes, the amt. of BME Girls is larger, but let’s not forget that these are older posts that all of us guys have already seen. Also, we don’t have to click through the BME Guys entries, but I would at least like the *opportunity* to click through a significantly larger # of BME Girls posts.

  13. #44 – I know from experience how surface piercings reject, but how on earth can you see that hers is? Maybe if we got a closer shot we would see some telltale signs (maybe not), but you can’t even see it that clearly.

  14. dude man… i was just checking out the modblogage today and i was thinking to myself… man this is actually a cool update. i havent been this impressed for a while. nice tats.

  15. Oh well, at least the nakedness takes the attention away from her very ho-hum tattoos… :s

  16. She has boobs like my boobs! I have to say that, because nowhere before have I seen anyone with boobs so similar to mine.


  17. I didn’t really notice that this place was getting dude-heavy, but, if that means that you get to post pics like this, then sure, this place is totally dude heavy!

  18. the m is for my last name… most certainly not having anything to do with manson.

    and my piercing is over two years old and hasn’t budged… it was a bit irritated at the time but it’s most certainly not going anywhere.


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