Everett Lee Broke Loose Again

Whoa. Hey fella, we were just, uh, we were just passing through. Sure gets dark early in these woods, doesn’t it? Didn’t even see the barn at first. Wait, did you say something? Are you hurt? You’re breathing pretty heavy, mister, is everything alright? Why don’t you come out here, mister? Maybe we can help …

We’ve made a huge mistake.

(Awesome photos of Josh by Dave Barnhouser, 13th Hour Photography.)

27 thoughts on “Everett Lee Broke Loose Again

  1. wow…thank you snap dragon. we worked very hard on those. there are plenty more were they came from, i just havent got around to relasing any yet…This is kind of a test to see what people think. You should see the ones with the blowtourch…muhahahahahahahah…….

  2. those pictures are just way to awesome! love them both, and would probably love the rest in the series too. hehe
    i’d especially loved to see the blowtourch pic 😛

  3. thanks for the kind words. what this needs is the one shot in between where i kick the door off its hinges. you can see it falling in the second shot. dave, did you catch that action?

    definitely more to come. we had a lot of fun with this shoot.

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