Oh, Bother

Isn’t that just the damndest luck? UraniumHobo stretches his nostrils up to 5/8″, and then he goes and gets his finger stuck in the hole. Just like Winnie the Pooh! But, y’know, with more mucous. And slightly less honey.

15 thoughts on “Oh, Bother

  1. A Heffalump or Woozle is very confusel
    The Heffalump or woosel is very sly
    - sly – sly – sly
    They come in ones and twoosels
    but if they so choosels
    before your eyes you’ll see them multiply
    - ply – ply – ply

    lol i couldnt help it, its my favorite Winnie the Pooh song :)

  2. i’m glad you didn’t put any dumbshit tags or jokes about picking your nose… unless it’s because you couldn’t think of any…

  3. haha, ain’t that fucking something?! here I am, eating my dinner while surfing on bodymod.org. just now while I was clicking through UraniumHobo’s gallery I think to myself that i haven’t checked modblog today yet. And what do you know, he’s here to!
    That man has got some awesome mods!

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