Ray turned to Philip as they sat atop the fleshy, sensitive summit. “We made it,” he said to Phil. “We made the climb that nobody thought we could.”

Philip scratched his chin. “Lost a lot of men, though,” he said. “A lot of good men.”

“When Freddy slipped into the navel, I just …”

“Hey,” Philip said, his hand on Ray’s shoulder. “There was nothing you could have done. OK? There was nothing. You saw how smooth the skin was there. It could have happened to any of us.”

“You’re right.” He exhaled heavily. “It’s beautiful up here, though. You can see the other peak so clearly.”

“Maybe we’ll climb that one some day, too.” The men smiled at each other. “So,” Philip said, “what do you want to do?”

“What we came here to do,” Ray said. “I’m gonna pinch it.”

The clouds broke then, and at that moment, it felt like the sun was shining just for him.

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44 thoughts on “Guaranteed

  1. Ha ha, I am being courted by several publishing houses, each more imaginary than the last.

  2. no jordan!don’t stop with the crack :x…it makes you even funnier…i just pissed my pants from laughing so hard…

  3. Never have I wanted a kiss breasts more.
    Beautiful photograph, beautiful breasts and amazing piercings.

  4. i hate to nitpick… but as a photographer/obsessive compulsive fotoshooper i find myself staring at the stray peach fuzz….

    hot boobs otherwise!!!!

  5. What’s wrong with peach fuzz? Not everything in this world needs to be airbrushed within an inch of its life. Real people have hair. The human details are precisely what make this photograph so stunning; the texture of her skin, the ridges on her nipples, the way the piercings bite into her skin just so…that’s what makes it sexy. Stop trying to make it so perfect and enjoy!

  6. Thanks to BME for enlightening my morning with this wonderful picture.

    “Not everything in this world needs to be airbrushed”


  7. I’m so ever bored with these boxes of text underneath pictures that don’t give some extra information on the pictures… I just don’t read ‘em… and when I do, it doens’t make sence to me…

    I never complained about modblog, with or without shannon…

    But to me it’s just lost it’s appeal.

    Just for you to know.

  8. what’s the deal with these incredible breasts?! are they real?!
    my breasts doesn’t look that round and firm when i lay down D’:

  9. Xabeo: peach fuzz is not the same as growing regular hair. You have peach fuzz all over your body except in mucous membrane areas, it is a form of protection. Check out your stomach, breasts, face – it is all covered in minuscule hairs, known as “peach fuzz”.

  10. ooooooo two boobs!

    From the angle, at first I thought I was looking at a pregnant baby belly with a navel piercing then a right nipple piercing – it confused me.

    However hahaha
    I must say those are two of the most PERFECT boobs I have EVER seen.

  11. The picture is so beautifully done. The lighting and composition make it a contemporary piece of art fit for an upscale gallery…and then I began to read the story…haha that’s GOLD! Difficult to look at the artful photo now without imagining some guy being swallowed by the navel.

    Jordan, are you getting rich by being so witty?

    You SHOULD be!

  12. Xabeo: They’re just sporadic hairs, I’m guessing that’s what they meant by peach fuzz. I usually associate peach fuzz with what prepubescent boys have before the real facial hair so I also was like “whaaa?”
    If that’s not the case then maybe it’s like how some people have nearly non-existent arm hair while others have incredibly thick arm hair. You may not have as much hair on your breasts as others.

    Although that’s a whole lotta breast. I’d be surprised if that much skin had no hair on it.

  13. The story…kind of made me want to go mountaineering? Something I’ve never done before? Hahahhaha. I wish my boobs looked that great.

  14. Holy wow.

    Was a joke.

    Next time I’ll be sure to make it a lot more obvious for those of you who take everything FAR too seriously

  15. Iris- the pic was taken vertical and is rotated cause it looks awesomer that way (if that’s possible). That or the boobs are getting the inner arm squish-together thing. Either way, who cares? Its loveliness.

  16. Esme- I figured. And I don’t disagree with you, the picture is awesome!
    I just… can’t help but wonder, you know? ^^

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