Make it Rain

Aileen checks in:

I had recently shaved the side of my head short, but Ellie (Maher, of Dead Rockstar in Bismarck, North Dakota) said, Hey! Let’s shave it all the way down and tattoo it. So I said, Sure, let’s do Pac-Man. Well, we ended up with Ms. Pac-Man — much more cute in my opinion! Head tattoos make me a bad-ass, right? Even if they are kinda geeky …

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45 thoughts on “Make it Rain

  1. yay pacman! i dont quite understand the shaved part.. is it a mowhawk? undercut? random shaved bit?

  2. Hmm…you know, I love face/head/neck tattoos, and I love nerdy tattoos. This is really well done…I just am not a fan of the idea of getting PACMAN of all things tattooed on your head.

  3. Err.. When you get a tattoo they shave the area they are going to be working on. This is why its shaved.

  4. CUTE! I would so shave it around the back as well in a full undercut and continue the maze all the way round =)

  5. @ # 5

    What she means about the previous shaved bit is that she had the little scene style ‘shaved’ bit in the side of her hair do! :D and when the idea was proposed for a tattoo she just extended that shaved bit a little :)

  6. cool! so how much would be visible if she lets the hairs grow, just the cherries and some dots? ms pacman?

  7. Dan: While I love that Tom Waits song, the title is actually a reference to the NFL player, Adam “Pac-Man” Jones, who is a known strip club aficionado, and has been known to “make it rain” (i.e. shower strippers with money, often with dollar bills procured from a trash bag). Such is the esoterica that makes up your average ModBlog post.

  8. haha. Stupid. You will hate it in a few years when you have a change of heart.
    When you go through an “I don’t want people to view me as a kid anymore…I want to be viewed as an adult” phase.

    Your now in the fucked for life club for confusing tattoos with “fashion.”

  9. @tex
    There’s a miraclous called ‘hair growth’ that could remedy that, should it ever occur.
    Thought it doubt it. Not everyone who makes a more extreme decisions with their mods lives to regret it. Nor are they a child.

  10. I really like the idea of hair growing over it, not to hide it cause it is an awesome tattoo but cause itd be neato having a secret invisible tattoo that you could only see by shaving your head!

  11. When I saw “Make it Rain” I thought of Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s character from Along Came Polly. “Raindance!”

  12. never posted on this site b4, felt i had to leave a message about how terrible this tattoo is.

    i feel sorry for the girl. this is gonna be the mistake of her life.

    btw the mrs pacman was done really badly

    meth heads involved?

  13. are you serious?? all i can say is unlcuky. you realise your stuck with this for the rest of your life? dumbass!

  14. I love it. Not crazy about the placement, but I love the fact that it can be covered by hair growth.

  15. what is with all the rude comments calling this person a “dumbass” and such? or a kid?? if anything, you people are the ones that need to grow up. and you’re the dumbasses because you don’t seem to realise that she had this done within her hair line and can just grow her hair over it if she wanted!

    stop being assholes to a complete stranger.

  16. well….if shes stupid enough to get ms pacman tattooed on her face then i guess shes stupid enough to leave the dots behind ms pacman there…

  17. I think the idea is cool but the quality is pretty bad, esp the part that is on her forehead.

  18. Some of you people are soo mean,boohoo.. (thats me being a kid by the way) LOL!! I have a steady job, Ive been piercing for 8 years and counting.. Yes I have this tattoo for life and I LOVE IT!!! So Im not a dumbass, just kinda a geek.. LOL!!!

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  20. i love it…and screw all of these people being super judgemental…i have a pacman tattoo as well and mine is done with the pixel look like yours…it’s NOT DONE POORLY…THAT IS WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE…and if anyone is being childish it is those are are judging you…love the tattoo :)

  21. If she was such a “geek” why didn’t she KNOW that the dots behind Mrs. Pacman should be gone??? What total failure.

  22. its amazing… to each their own. i love how people are so fast to judge. betcha dont even know her… its only aileens business, you know since it is HER body. she is prob more successful than 1/2 of you with negative comments.

  23. I do find it rather humorous that people come onto a well-known website for body modifications and think they have the right to bash people for their tattoo choices. I highly doubt that anyone twisted your arm to go out of your way to come to this site and leave a message. Your comments prove that you are nothing other than some holier than thou (which I place my life on it you’re not) piece of crap, poor excuse of a person.

    Some Random Facts:
    - Her hair can grow back. Wow. Fascinating thought, eh?
    - It’s not on your body. Why do you care? You don’t even have to look at her.
    - You probably are just looking for something to bitch about. Which means that your life is leaving you unsatisfied. Mayhaps you should try doing something fun for once instead of sitting there with your thumb up your bum :)
    - The dots. Again, who cares? Honestly. If you do… you should get some help for that.


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