Stung Awake in the Night

Well well well, looks like somebody unwrapped their present already. Geez. Some people are so impatient. You couldn’t have just waited a few more hours? Is nothing sacred anymore?

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36 thoughts on “Stung Awake in the Night

  1. Adorable nipples, wtf why dont MINE look like that? :’(

    modblog is definately bringing down my self esteem.

  2. Sometimes, I feel like I shouldn’t go on ModBlog because I sit there & think,
    “Why the hell can’t I look like that?”

    And then my self-esteem plummets.
    I’m with you, Anjellica.

  3. Well my boobs don’t look like that, but I still love my breasts. -fondles self- Oh yeah. I’m hot!

  4. Love the photography. I hope I unwrap something along these lines in a few hours…this has restored my faith in Christmas.

  5. 9 and 18, photography speaking, it’s rad. I’d like to know the specs of the photo. Just stop being like “oh boobs, i dont like it, whaaaa”.

  6. “Is nothing sacred anymore?”

    Well, when I look at the picture I feel that there are at least two things in the world that can be considered as blessed.

  7. this photo made me purr like a kitten.

    no, i don’t have breasts like that. my breasts are little, and not pierced, and nowhere near as full and gorgeous. BUT, I still like mine. ^_^

    absolutely STUNNING photo. Merry Christmas, ModBlog!

  8. merry friggin xmas! all the breast at xmas..nothing like the season to bring out some serious cheese! absolutely beautiful photo

  9. Seth D, that was also an initial thought of mine.
    Another one being- I think the angels are weeping at how beautiful her breasts are.

  10. I like when people find new and creative ways to show off their piercings.
    I get a little tired of boob close-up, after boob close-up, after boob close-up.

    No offense people, please don’t stop sending in your pics because of me!

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