The Devil Lies Brooding

I don’t care how many times I see them, deep chest piercings like these always leave me in awe. These were done by Roland at Visavajara in Freiburg, Germany, with custom-made black teflon jewelry by Oli. A bonus shot, after the jump.

44 thoughts on “The Devil Lies Brooding

  1. They look like something from a fourteenth century engraving, but I can’t remember which one. Absolutely gorgeous too. The gooseprickles around the fresh piercings keep making me shiver.

  2. Isn’t black PTFE toxic due to the agents they use to colour it?

    Other than that they look fricking lovely. Just worried about him reacting to them.

  3. Those goosebumps are so nuts, just sitting around the piercings like that lol
    Sweet none the less!

  4. How long can somebody wear them?
    Is it really possible for the piercings to heal?

  5. Youch!! Looks fantastic though!! Do you reckon he’s used suspension hooks to do this or has stretched the holes from regular surface piercings?

  6. nice ones… will need patience to heal – but it can do so, there are people around (e.g. Roland of the Visavajara Team himself) who healed things like that.

  7. It’s odd to me that so many people are stunned by this piercing… Fakir has had the same type of deep chest piercings since the mid 60s.

  8. Seth, regardless of how long they’ve been around they’re still uncommon, even on BME.
    The jewelry looks incredible.

  9. he’s a gradeschool teacher.

    little billy: teacher, teacher! i dont get it! what’s the difference between a capital and lower-case ‘t’?

    teacherman: well, little billy, the HUGE FUCKING THING THROUGH MY CHEST on my left is a capital T, and the other GINORMOUS FOREIGN OBJECT IN MY TORSO is a lower case t.

    little billy: O_O

    very effective.

  10. is there any historic explanation why they do that?
    i think it was some indians who started it …

  11. I always wonder how these and similar mods effect peoples day to day life.. like this one, I can’t imagine being able to lift things and carry big things, because they’d easily get knocked etc.

  12. I’d love to get these if my job wasnt so physically demanding. I’d just knock them out!

  13. they dont heal completely i thought they did i know they would take a long time but i didnt think they’d never heal

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