Going Deep

Deep chest piercings are one of those rare kinds of piercings that are just staggering to look at.  The sheer intensity of the piercing alone is puts it in the realm of suspensions and other things that push the limits of a person.  I don’t have any information about these piercings, so I can’t tell you if they’re intended to last for any length of time or not, but the piercing process alone is something to be commended for.  These particular piercings were done at Sacred Art Body Piercing in Newcastle.

The missing link

A lot of the time when you hear about the missing link in the evolutionary chain we think of monkeys, or in terms of taste/skin texture, pigs.

I present to you, the audience, the argument that we are, in fact, closer to cows. And here is proof. In the first image we see a cow with a hole punched into its side.


And, after the break, photo evidence of people living with similar holes in their bodies.

Deep chest piercings on Aghori Baba of Sweeden.

These are some fresh sub clavicle piercings worn by Esmeray. Check her page for updated photos.

Lastly we have BME favorite Pauly Unstoppable with his impressive 1 1/2″ trans scrotal.

So if you are thinking about how you could live with a large gauge piercing, think to yourself WWCD?

Deep Chest Piercing Update

We last posted about these deep chest piercings by Roland at Visavajara in Freiburg, Germany, about a month ago when they were fresh, and here we have an update after four weeks of healing or so. The piercings definitely look a little angry around the edges, but this is not an easy procedure to heal. Nice to see he’s stuck with it, though, and I’m sure we’re all curious to see if they can heal to the point that they can be worn “permanently.” Another shot, after the jump.

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