I Want to Believe You

Sure, it looks like Ferdudurke is just smiling, posing for the camera, not a care in the world. But the truth? At this very moment, he is killing a goat with his mind. True story!*

*Probably not a true story.

12 thoughts on “I Want to Believe You

  1. I love the subtlety of the forehead tattoo in this shot. It almost goes unnoticed. I think his upside-down smile is adorable 😀

  2. This guy gets his arm sleeve tattoo in Bang Bang Custom Tattoo Shom in Russia.))) I was administrator there.))) He’s got really hard to remeber nickname.

  3. this dude looks fucking awesome!

    i hope he doesn’t stretch out his nostrils or labret any further though. it would change the aesthetic that is working really well.

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