Oh, Delicious Vices

An In-N-Out Burger waitress as a pin-up girl, surrounded by candy and other junk food? Well played. Well played, indeed. Can’t wait to see this one colored in.

(Tattoo by Marina from Atomic Zombie in Edmonton, Alberta, on her boyfriend.)

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63 thoughts on “Oh, Delicious Vices

  1. Amazing piece. I almost wish it didn’t get colored in and was done in black and white but we’ll have to wait for the finished product

  2. As gross as all of the food in this piece is, it is amazing.
    Good choice with passing on the mustard as well.

  3. That’s frikkin awesome, tasty stuff! Once coloured it’s gonna be even better. & I’ m with #3 on this, lets hope the update will be even more delicious :P

  4. No pickles no mustard — boy’s got awesome taste in burgers.

    Marina does some fucking amazing work — I’m still in awe of the Mario backpiece in her portfolio.

  5. this is fucking amazing!!!
    please Please PLEASE send us a pic when some of the colour and shading is in!! xxx

  6. definitely with number 3
    move your hand just a little to the left…
    there (: lovely
    other than that amazing piece, works so perfectly with his body shape mm

  7. definitely with number 3
    move your hand down just a little…
    there (: lovely
    other than that amazing piece, works so perfectly with his body shape which is also quite nice mm

  8. Oh my sweet lord this is AMAZING! It makes me want a grilled cheese animal style and a chocolate shake right now! EPIC!

  9. I usually just loove big pieces like this that just flows with the shape of the body. Also it’s really awesome when people go straights for the (big) good stuff on their first tattoo :p

  10. In n out burgers don’t come with mustard… however, I FUCKING LOVE THIS PIECE! Mine would say… Xtra Pickles though. :)

  11. Man, I love this piece … what I’d give to be able to sit still for a piece like that …. too ticklish on the side tho …

    Cudos for getting such an amazing tatt. And I gotta add the the body is pretty damn fine as well!

  12. Marina has been tattooing only a short time, & has SMOKED the better majority of the scene. In fact, I think she’s better than I am, & that’s with me tattooing for eight years after being a professional artist for fifteen. Plus, she’s drop dead gorgeous. I’d hate her if I didn’t love her so much.

  13. Whooaaaaa this is incredible!!! Gorgeous artwork and the flow and way it fits his body is just perfect. And then the size of it just makes it EPIC. Please continue posting pics of this as it is shaded and coloured, cos ignore comment #26, this is actually something worthy of documenting in progress on modblog! :D

    (btw I’m hoping this is a sign of more awesome tattoos to come and less of the painfully bad :p)

  14. ^ I agree.
    This is a beautiful piece of modern tattooing! I love it.
    And yeah…Maybe the next installation will be without the hand-censoring and with a click through? =D

  15. love i say, LOVE, this tattoo…

    too cool, so jealous, awsome placement and size,

    wanna see this completed please, please!!!

  16. #26,

    dont be a dick, everyone knows its the journey over the destination,

    chill, enjoy the progress….

  17. Wow. In-n-out is awesome but i never thought that it’d be that awesome. He’s got to be from the west coast.
    This just makes me want a grilled cheese, animal style, extra tomatoes and extra lettuce.
    Maybe even one of their Vanilla shakes.

  18. this boy loves his cheeseburgers! and I love the tag on the burger that says “Special order : No Pickles, No Mustard”…… everyone has their thing! It was amazing to see this get done! They tattooed from 6 at night till 2 am to get it all lined!

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  20. Would have been a brutal sitting. 8 hours of line work on the ribs and no other tattoos. This dude is my hero (as a guy who squirms like a bitch after a few hours on his arm)

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