When in Doubt, Listen to Samppa

Sayeth the gentleman pictured above:

At first I wanted to have five implants, but then I received an e-mail from Samppa saying that six would be much cooler, so he gave me the sixth transdermal for free! Thanks again, Samppa!

(Transdermal implants by Samppa at Max Max Tattoo and Piercing, lobes by Rob at Rings of Pleasure.)

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35 thoughts on “When in Doubt, Listen to Samppa

  1. He is one of the prettiest people i have ever seen in my life … and all his mods look soo healthy

  2. I’m always amazed at how flush with the skin surrounding transdermals on heads is. It always seems like it might bulge a bit since the skin is so thin there but it doesn’t. Looks great.

  3. what I’ve always wondered is how the hell do you cut/shave your hair around those after they’re in? you can’t just pop them out, can you?

  4. yah ditto that #2
    i don’t know if that was purposeful or what..
    but since the x and d keys are so close, I’ll assume its a type

  5. I feel like shaving around those would be the biggest chore ever.
    I love his eyes and such a handsome nose, I’m glad he chose to accent them with those piercings.

  6. Am i the only one thinking this? ….. HEY THAR KRILLIN!
    (such a dbz geek) great piercings man! how old are they in this pic?

  7. @ Marshall

    they are 3,5 years in this pic i got them 4,5 years now thanks for the comment! what is dbz?


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