Eye See You

For those of you who may have caught this on the main site, the only reason this was listed in Facial and Neck Tattoos is because we do not currently have a “Uniquely Terrifying” section. Sorry for any confusion.

(Tattoo comes from Fullank Tattoo & Body Piercing in Veszprem, Hungary.)

25 thoughts on “Eye See You

  1. this is probably the first back-of-head eye tattoo ive enjoyed. its creepy and all, but that’s what id expect from something like this.

  2. I do not care for this! Gaa, hate eye tattoos, they give me the fucking creeps.

    ha is kinda neat though…

  3. wow that is some very good art! amazingly beautiful.
    dont really get the crack but who cares!

  4. Eyes in the back of your head…something my mother always said to me as I was tryna do something sneaky. This is kinda freaky in a cool way.

  5. GeoGriffin – thank you for posting the link to the original tattoo.
    This tattoo was done for he client to his specifics – actually using his eyes for the photo reference. He has one on each arm above the elbow.
    I think if I was doing this for the center of the head I would have done more to make it centered…. but that’s just me.

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