My Way

Happy Friday morning, ModBlog! Here is a handsome man, named Tyler, who has complementary, healthy piercings (the microdermal is not Photoshopped; his lobe is not blown-out), and deep, dark blue eyes. This is the very definition of a Christmas miracle! Crap, I never changed my calendar, did I? Whatever, enjoy.

(2 5/8″ lobes, 1/2″ flats, 0-gauge philtrum by Georg at High Priestess Piercing in Eugene, Oregon.)

See more in Ear Stretching (past 1/2″) (Ear Piercing)

74 thoughts on “My Way

  1. Am I the only one that noticed what looks to be a hickey(?) on his neck? Kudos on the healthy piercings!

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah
    Tyler, you are a lady killer
    Ohhh shit girls you best be gettin on your knees to give him a super blamjam

  3. Hahaha “OMG Tyler, we want your dick, in or around our mouths!”

    Aren’t you just mister cool hahaha

  4. I saw this picture, and knew it was gonna be modblogged.

    tyler is a cutie. :)

    lets make babies.

  5. I think I just drowned in his eyes.

    Ahem. Of course the mods have been done well and…and…yeah.
    He’s hot.

  6. If it weren’t for his mods he wouldn’t be all that cute. And would probably still cheat on his girlfriend.

  7. I’ve known tyler for years. Personally I think he was even hotter before the mods. And you think by looking at him he’d cheat on his girlfriend? Tyler’s a sweetheart and would never do that.

  8. Okay, first off, please don’t talk about suckng tylers bird. It’s scurry and we all know nothing but a twinkies been in there for years.
    Secondly, alexandrea or whatever, that’s pretty rude of a judgement to make on someone you don’t know. Tyler is a handsome boy, is a sweetheart to his girlfriend and overall funny good person, something you would know if you took half the time it took you to that type out and spent that talking to him.
    Also, his mods only compliment him , not make up his looks.

    So please, as a very ‘wise’ and unprofessional person once said “your just hatin”

  9. Holy shit…this guy is gorgeous. I’m such a sucker for beautiful eyes…..and piercings. :)

  10. now all we need is a click through.. modded down stairs or not. haha

    thank you all mighty modblog god

  11. before I even opened this I was like
    “Every single comment on this picture says LOOK AT HIS EYES!!! THEY’RE GORGEOUS!!!! HE IS SO FREAKIN’ CUTE, I MAY JUST DIE.”

    I was right.

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