The War is Over

I know oftentimes it’s the opposite when it comes to tattoos, but I have to be honest: I think it’s probably for the best that he left the nipple out of this one.

(Skin-removal scarification by Pierce&Kuter at Bodyfikation in Talence, France. Photo by

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16 thoughts on “The War is Over

  1. I understand keeping the nipple, but it doesn’t make sense as a wound. The nipple is pointing out and would have been the first thing to go.

    If it was a bellybutton it would have been another thing entirely.

  2. The shadow on the nipple confused me at first…

    But anyway, now it’s looking like an eye to me!! oO and it’s reminding me of that head tattoo of an eye with a crack!! WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  3. Something about the way the nipple is untouched just doesn’t sit well with me… but I’m guessing it’ll look much better once it’s healed.
    & I still really like the design.

  4. There’s something about skin removal that really makes me want to shudder. Fresh shots, anyway.

  5. Hahah Kuon, tu viens te la péter même sur BME!
    Non je plaisante c’est juste pour te faire chier!
    Mais maintenant t’as beaucoup de retard, il faut mettre la version cicatrisée, et la nouvelle scarif !!
    ET TA BITE !!!
    Hurry up doggy dog !!

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