And That’d be a Single-Point Resurrection Suspension

As suspensions become increasingly popular, almost ubiquitous, it’s becoming more difficult to execute a performance involving an act that involves something that has never been seen before. Now, I don’t know if this is the first time a single-point resurrection suspension has been done successfully, but hot holy damn, it is awfully impressive nonetheless. More shots of Damien, after the jump.

(Suspension performance by Hanged Man Team in Melbourne, Australia. Video of the suspension can be found on Hanged Man’s Facebook page, as well as on Piercing Pete’s IAM page.)

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40 thoughts on “And That’d be a Single-Point Resurrection Suspension

  1. There is video of this on The Hanged Man’s Facebook Group.

    Damien is an amazing person and has always been pretty awesome suspending, when he came to me with this idea I was concerned about how it would work and of course tearing. He assursed me he could do it so with a little planning he managed to pull it off.

    I cant wait to here his next idea :)

  2. Beautiful! I was hoping for this to end up here!
    @ velma_kelly: The hook is off-center because he started out on two hooks and cut down to one. Watch the video that is linked above!
    And Alice (a href=””>namesofthedead) has done a 1pt resurrection before – at the Oslo suscon last year, so a first this is not. Doesn’t really matter anyway, though.

  3. well done damien!!! his original idea was to have two hook put in then to cut one, but we discided this could be bad/painful/**thudd** but it turned out beautifiully , im so sad i had to work =[ =[

  4. The main reason why I wanted to the hook to be on the side is that it felt a lot more comfortable then in the middle. And because I was expecting to be on my side I thought it would add a different dimension to the suspension.

  5. that’s beautiful. the picture is even better for the fact that the hook is off centre and he looks like hes in a lot of pain :D

  6. on the night that Damian did this I was floating from My first four hook suspension BUT I can tell you that while Damian was doing this my focus was on him and the amazing sight of first two hooks then one hook, the energy flow was special and Damian just enjoyed the moment. Spectacular, congrats to Damian and the TEAM at The Hanged Man Suspension Team


    I think it has been done before, not that i matters :)
    I think 2 different ppl did a 1pt res. during Wings of desire Oslo suscon 08
    One of them was Alice (IAM Namesofthedead)

  8. That’s incredible..
    If you pinch the general area that it’s in you’ll find its a lot more comfy to the side, than the centre..
    But that’s just me pinching myself!

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  10. yay damo! this was a sick hang, from two hooks cut down to one.. intense

    thats me standing there in the background with the black necrophagist hoodie on in the last pic :)

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  12. This is great. I was actually wondering just this week if this could be done, now I know…something to add to the list for sure. Thanks Pete and Damien. Keep coming out with the good stuff.

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