Under the Sea

The last time we checked in with the Christmas Kraken, he was looking a little bare, no? Well, Marc sure as hell took care of that. This is stunning. Close-ups, after the jump.

(This work of art is by Marc at Swastika-Freakshop in Radolfzell, Germany.)

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67 thoughts on “Under the Sea

  1. Ooh, I like the crosshatched shading. Everything that this studio turns out is gorgeous.

  2. Ooo, when I first saw just the front of this the tentacles looked a little out of place, but now seeing the back it all makes sense, I adore the octopus 😀 awesome work.

  3. It needed 5,5 Sessions to complete this. Some parts on my Ass are also finished yet (there are 8 tentacles…). Marc is 1 Month in Argentina. After that we will continue work.

    And it is no GODDAMNED octopus. It’s H.P. Lovecrafts Cthulhu and he will swallow your fuckin’ soul^^

  4. Whooooa. My brain almost hurts trying to comprehend how awesome this is.
    That cross-hatching and dot-work is incredible!

  5. wow. that its awesome. except for the big red v or x going down on the crotch, dont like that part

  6. Holy crap. The more I see from them, the more it pushes me to head over there for a big chunk of my work.

    Holy holy holy awesome.

  7. That’s it, I’m heading to Germany. Marc is AMAZING. Like he’s probably one of the greatest tattoo artists – evar ! this is just mind blowingg.

    & i personally love the big red X 😀

  8. oh lord….the tentacles on his front are looking like the Creation of Adam to me….Awesome.

  9. Swastika Freakshop is the first thing that came to mind after the initital “what the…”. 🙂
    This is an absolutely stunning piece of art. Love it.

  10. JAYZUS KRUST that is BEAUTIFUL!! Golly, I can only hope whatever covers my stomach and back turns out as epic and wondrous as this work of art! <33 it

  11. hate to sound weird or anything but i’d love to see what he has in his pelvic area. and wondering if that was also done by the same people.

  12. wowwwww,
    that puts my cthulhu tattoo to shame.
    mad envy for this work of art, i LOVE it.
    and i enjoy the pattern of the creature’s skin, fantastic.

  13. I agree with the tag “Holy Shit This is Awesome!” This is very well among my favorite tattoos of all time.

  14. This is amazing. He should walk around shirtless all the time just so people can see this beautiful piece of art

  15. The Symbol in the Cross means : Chance, Transformation… i only know the german word : Veränderung

    The Symbol on the right (smaller one) means at peace

    The Symbol on the left (bigger one) means : it is how it is. For me : You can’t chance everything…

    The Symbol on the back near cthulhu means : Beginning of everything , or in german : Ursprung.

  16. What a surprise. More amazing work from Swastika Freakshop 😛
    I really enjoy the symbolism and off course, the shading. The pointillism on his belly. At first I thought he had a dirty tummy! It’s great.

  17. God I freakin love this. I love how the cross hatching makes it look like an ink drawing. I could stare at this all day.

  18. @Dr. Oc: Works great as Octopus, but sucks for Cthulhu… anyway, great work from Mark, as always.

  19. 🙂 i dont like the Cthulhu Arts from the Roleplaying game. I think they are to monsterous. Anyway if you like Lovecraft you have your own image of Cthulu as i do.

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