BME and Facebook, Together at Last!

Look at all those guys with their pants down at a tattoo convention (presumably) in Singapore that Bellboy sent in! One may think this is all fun and games BUT NO, they are all about to be affixed with the stone of shame because they haven’t signed up for the all-new BME News Facebook application! It’s literally as easy as pushing a button to join, and then you’ll have another way to view and share the articles you read here.

Honestly? I was hesitant to join Facebook for a long time and will still reject almost every app request people send me (STOP THROWING SNOWBALLS, DAMN IT), but this is legitimately well designed and a pretty handy tool. Click here to add it to your profile.

Oh what do you know, those guys at the top added it, too! Remove the stone of shame! Attach the stone of triumph!

28 thoughts on “BME and Facebook, Together at Last!

  1. Coming from Malaysia I don’t really associate Singaporeans with tattoos…they’re so SQUARE. =D OK good to know there are a few people with ink there though.

  2. That picture brought me lotssss of happiness.
    in my pants.
    and #8? BME hasn’t lost their soul yet.
    Not til they have a myspace page.

  3. Haha great pic.

    I may be missing something… but don’t actually see the purpose of adding that to Facebook!? What does it do for me that regularly checking the site doesnt? XD Please elaborate :p

  4. Xenobiologista, “I don’t really associate Singaporeans with tattoos…they’re so SQUARE.”

    Hello? who’s SQUARE here? Singapore just had a Tattoo Convention, and there were more than 10,000 visitors.Bob Tyrell,Paul Booth and CHRIS GARVER were all here. where the hell were u? A few people with ink? we have so many people with bod mods like implants and split tongues here. We even had a suspension and blood play show at a club the night before the event.TEN THOUSAND VISITORS mind you, and 99% of them with inks. What do you have in msia? you living in your own pathetic lil pumpkin space? Who’s calling who SQUARE? yikes.

    What a Shithead!

  5. Almaxaquotal: A lot of people read several blogs throughout this day. This is basically just a blog feed app that lets you put all your favorites into one spot, like an RSS reader via Facebook.

    Zimantha: BME has had a myspace page since 2005. :)

    If making it easier for people to get their daily dose of BME makes me soulless then so be it! :)

  6. Zimantha- sorry but not only does bme have a myspace, they also have a myspace group, last i looked, run by warren, but who knows now with all the take overs that happened

  7. That’s the boys from Galaxy Tattoo flanked left and right by Aussie lads Geordie Cole and Owen Williams from Tattoo Magic!

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