Come and Join the Dance

Well here is a nice young lady, goes by the name of Brittany, and likes to wear, hmm, giant live snails in her ears? Hey, we won’t hold it against her. They look comfortable.

(Yes, I know they’re not snails. Septum piercing by Shawn Taylor at Evolution Body Piercing in Albuquerque, New Mexico.)

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28 thoughts on “Come and Join the Dance

  1. “Will you walk a little faster?” said a whiting to a snail,
    “There’s a porpoise close behind us, and he’s treading on my tail.”
    See how eagerly the lobsters and the turtles all advance!
    They are waiting on the shingle–will you come and join the dance?

    (very nice, btw!)

  2. Ash, THANK YOU!!! Its the first thing I thought when I saw the title. I played the Gryphon in 9th grade :D

  3. so what if before i read the caption i actually did think they were snails for about 10 seconds? oops. i should go back to bed.
    im really digging the gold septum though.

  4. Ya! Gold in the septum!! I love it when people with facial piercings wear gold jewelry! I always wear gold or organic body jewelry. I just love the look of it. I LOVE the earings too!

  5. This girl is adorable, but is it a bag thing i noticed her Axegrinder shirt first? IN CRUST WE TRUST \m/

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