“Jandi Infatuation”

Oh. Um … hi. I … wait, what? Sorry, I lost my train of thought.

(“Jandi Infatuation” featuring Jandi Lin, with tattoos by Mike Ledger of Ledger Studios in Honolulu, Hawaii, and photo by Ryan Kerns.)

50 thoughts on ““Jandi Infatuation”

  1. Very nice work, and the way her bottom is slightly spread like that just makes me want to…

  2. This is completely amazing. Why can’t all tattoos be as good as this? And she’s so beautiful :)

  3. that is the most beautiful thing ive seen in many many moons. and that pose……fuck me. fig. and lit.

  4. side note: i just realized where i know her from, shes a pornstar. and a damn good one at that.

  5. anyone going to share where i can see said porn? Or are you all just mean heartless bastards.

    Or just her porn star name so I can google it.

  6. Jandi Lin’s ass is amazing, especially when she’s getting fucked. I saw her in a threesome with two guys, and her ass was off the hook! Let alone how she sucks dick. I hope she pulls some decent cash per scene for her acting.

  7. so i went and found some of her pornos on the net.

    first off, i like porn. i watch it weekly, sometimes several times a week.

    but personally. this picture is miles above any of her work in porn for its sheer sensuality. Jandi is more beautiful here than in any of her pornographic works. the lighting, the pose, everything in this picture just works so perfectly together.

  8. It would have been nice is someone asked me to use this photo… but at least you guys like it. Here’s the full set of photos from that shoot- http://www.flickr.com/photos/shiroikaze/sets/72157611401538936/

    I’ve worked with a few models with great body art, so take a look around at the other sets…

    … and if you want to see the “full” amount of photos… make sure you’re logged into a flickr account with your safety settings allowing you to view restricted images.

  9. In addition to #5 – this is definitely one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen! Every aspect is simply superb… Ever since it was posted, I can’t stop staring at it.

  10. Hahahah I find it hilarious that BME talks about being ripped off, when people post BME pics to their social networking profiles, but then they post this pic without even asking the photographers permission. And we don’t even find out until the photographer themselves comes and comments on the post. Shame.

  11. goog lord.
    god did a great thing makin that one.

    i think i just drooled.

    jesus christ.

  12. good lord.
    god did a great thing makin that one.

    i think i just drooled.

    jesus christ.

  13. this is the most gorgeous girl God ever created. She is perfect in every way.

    I have just searched for pics of her on the net and she is just so damn hot.

    Her perfectly tiny titties are just so lickable…. I wish she was my chick…. I would just love to make love to her in every possible way with every ounce of my strength in my entire body :)

  14. DAMN! i was like oh another cool backpiece on a chick then i scrolled dwon and……DAMN!

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