The Horror

This poor woman was among the innocent bystanders in the vicious Smurf attack on which we reported earlier. How does a person recover after being sprayed with the plasma of lovable cartoon character? Can you see how clearly distraught she is? Truly devastating. Luckily, she appears to be in the shower, which should certainly make us feel better. Err, which should make her feel better. Right. That’s it.

(Piercings by Adam Stokes and Nick at The Piercing Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada.)

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19 thoughts on “The Horror

  1. Oddly enough, this reminded me more of those Gatorade commercials than anything.
    But gosh, she is stunning. o___o

  2. Stunning, and incredibly sexy. All her piercings are very well placed and compliment her nicely.

  3. To #1, The first thing I thought of was those commercials as well.

    and about the picture, beautiful… messy… but beautiful!

  4. i’m assuming that’s hair dye? her anchors must be almost perfect if they can stand that. mine get pissy if i get shampoo in them.

  5. YAY Im glad I made it on here again!!!

    and that bathing suit was made for me by a friend last minute, so I really hope there isn’t another one like it! hahaha :)


  6. hahahah shes dying her hair with shitty ass fucking color dye which hopefully will make her hair fall out


  7. Dylan, seriously, call me. You never call me anymore. I miss the sound of your voice, your scent, your musk … this isn’t fair to either of us.

  8. @ 10:
    You’re joking, right? Most bright color dyes are semipermanent and do NO damage to your hair.

    Spencer, you look lovely!

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