The Hobo Code

Hey, there’s HoboSteve (is that on the list?), getting tugged around the room by that vicious creature on the floor. Can you sense the despair in his eyes? Truly horrifying. More shots of this torture chamber, after the jump.

(Pulling done at Anomaly in Pasadena, California. No animals were harmed in the making of these hilarious photos.)

See more in Pulling and Trucking (Ritual)

40 thoughts on “The Hobo Code

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  2. next thing you know it’ll become a sport to mathc up a poodle with a great dane and see how they can go at it. hah

  3. I <3 hobosteve ^-^
    …hes pretty.
    i can only wish i were that awesome…
    …tho that little fuzzy thing with the evilly pink mohawk is rather scary.

  4. I am more in love with the teal arm band with the black and red plad stuff going through it.. I like teh colors. Teh colors are pretty!

  5. Always thought mohawk’s a “crazy life” kind of hair
    After looking at the dog’s face, I’m pretty sure of it

  6. hehe.. this makes me laugh… although i think its a Bichon not a Poodle… at least thats what my Bichon would look like with a lack of fur ^_^

  7. It would be better if that dog was on a harness, rather than a leash that’s yanking on her neck… especially since it’s really easy to damage a small dog’s trachea.

  8. Ha, this one takes the fuckin’ cake Steve. I remember when we put this kid up for his first suspension, and, now he’s pulling w/the “big dogs.” Word, word I say!

  9. i lurrrrve the puppy’s face in the first photo!! that is fucking classic cuteness. he does look slightly worried tho

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