John Joyce, Philadelphia and You

You begged. You pleaded. You weren’t satisfied with a line-up of scarification artists at the upcoming Philadelphia Tattoo Arts convention that featured only John Durante, Brian Decker and Ryan Ouellette. Well, Syracuse heartthrob John Joyce will also be in attendance and is looking to fill up his Friday. How can you resist? You can’t. And not only that, but he’ll be bringing the very talented (and open for appointments) Rick Lohm with him, as well.

Healed shot of the above scarification, after the jump.

39 thoughts on “John Joyce, Philadelphia and You

  1. Holy shit that’s awesome! And the healing turned out great! Don’t know if I’ve ever seen so beatiful scars before. Haven’t seen much better at least…

    @ 4: When? I can’t recall ever seeing this one before…

  2. Hm, thanx! I have obviesly seen it before anyhow. I just didn’t recall it at first (and still don’t for that matter)

  3. This has been posted before not because this particular scarification piece is the main point of this post but because the amazing John Joyce will be in Philly and if ya want something incredble like this or any other of his amazing pieces you’d better book quick! :)

  4. wow, this is by far the best scarif. i have ever seen. Im not normally a fan of scarif., it normally looks aesteticaly unapealing to me, but this is very very nice.

  5. Thanks for all the kind words everyone. Right now Friday is the only day I have openings, so let me know if you want work done.

    Rick will be with me doing tattoos, and he has a few slots left throughout the weekend. He’ll totally hook you up with a great deal if you want something cool!

    contact me through here or email either one of us at [email protected].
    or call the studio, 315-473-9383

  6. thats my baby!!! =]

    im certain everyone will be even more jealous to see the other rib piece mr. joyce is doing on her in philly!!!

  7. wow, I love it when we get a healed shot as well. It has kept the detail really well. I love it. I want to know what the texture is like to feel…

  8. Goodness me…that’s stunning.If I were her,I’d probably spend a great deal of my time stroking it :p.

  9. I’m always so happy with the number of positive comments I get on my scars.

    John does such a good job. I certainly don’t think I’ll be finished with his handiwork anytime soon!

    I will be at the Philly Con getting the other side of my ribs cut up with a similar design by John, and I can’t wait. If y’all are nice, and you happen to be at the convention, you can take turns rubbing/touching/poking it. Hahahaha, it feels too good for me to refuse…

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  11. This is first pic of a scarification I have seen that actually makes me want one. Fucking amazing

  12. SAMMMMMMMM!!!! it is beautiful, it healed so well. miss you, hopefully see you in sd sometime.

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