Also Coming to the Philly Convention? BME!

(Self-done BME logo cutting by Jon Underwood — his first, no less!)

As if John Joyce, John Durante, Brian Decker and Ryan Ouellette weren’t enough to get you to the upcoming Philadelphia Tattoo Arts convention, running in scenic Philadelphia from February 27 to March 1, hold onto your butts, because BME will be there too! And not just walking around fondling people, either — we’ll have a booth and everything! The ever-lovely MissMeg will be on hand to pierce, and Rachel will be there holding down the fort, filming, taking photos, selling T-shirts [Note: buy T-shirts, lots of them] and doing all sorts of fun giveaways. This is shaping up to be one hell of a weekend, friends — get there.

Also, there is still space available for people/shops/etc. looking for booths. Visiting the convention’s web site for details, or call Troy at 215-882-1362.

10 thoughts on “Also Coming to the Philly Convention? BME!

  1. sorry jon i couldnt resist not leaving you a comment still. awsome that you made modblog! it really does look amazing, can’t wait to see it healing, catch up with you soon.

  2. I cant believe you used this picture on modblog, This is my first piece. I really hope it heals nice…..have to wait and see.
    Have a good one to all that attend in Philly.

  3. This is a first piece for him? My goodness. That’s some fantastic scarification.

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