Roots Among the Rocks

The rubber king of Williamsburgh, xPUREx, sends in this recent cutting out of his very own Pure Body Arts studio in Brooklyn, New York. And, much like Ryan Ouellette yesterday, he will also be at the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts convention from February 27 to March 1, and wouldn’t you know it? He just had a cancellation, and is available all day on the Friday. Visit him on IAM or at to set up an appointment.

A healed/healing shot of the above scar, after the jump.

19 thoughts on “Roots Among the Rocks

  1. wow thats soo cool and kind of eerie looking …

    did he use something to burn those details in??

  2. well that’s pretty awesome; I love the combination of scaring and um, the other brownish parts that I can’t think of a name for.

  3. looked promising when fresh (especially combination of scars and tattoo) but after healing dosn’t look so good.

  4. it’s interesting that one side keloided way more than the other even though the cuts appear to be about the same depth. but it’s still a dead tree.

  5. #11

    possibly wanted it that way? maybe they decided to rub irritants into it and did it unevenly? many many possibilities as to the outcome and reasons why.

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  7. Thats my scar. My friend just emailed this page to me, its so weird to see my arm posted on some random webpage but also pretty cool. And by the way, fuck you people who don’t think it looks good, see it in person before you give me shit about my scar and you’d probably change your mind anyway. And yes, its a fucking tree. How would any of you know what it means to me? Its interesting to other people because scarification is so new and rare, plus its very well done. I thank Brian so much for making my arm so much more beautiful than it was. Also, the brown shading parts were done with an electric cauterizer (branding), and I didn’t rub irritant into my skin, the right side keloided more probably just because the skin on that side stretches more than on the other side as I move and bend my arm.

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