Lucid Interval

And so here we have Nihilist (foreground), sporting the latest in, um, big-ass bones in his septum. Also, a Cephalic Carnage shirt, a band ye olde Wikipedia describes as “deathgrind,” which is one of the most bad-ass compound words English has to offer. I knew a guy in high school who loved their music, which sort of sounds like a fighter jet raping a tank, but I’m glad they exist, if for no other reason than to ensure terms like “deathgrind” remain active in the lexicon. And of course, the background mustache really ties the whole thing together, as always.

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29 thoughts on “Lucid Interval

  1. Hey now, hey now guys. They’re both great imho.

    And besides….this post is about fabulous things around noses. Bones and moustaches! Scoooooore.

  2. Is that the femur of a baby? B/c for a “big-ass bone” that is about an 1/8th of the size of an adult femur. An adult femur through the septum, now that’s bad ass!

  3. The Alchemist – It couldn’t be a baby femur because the head and greater trochantar are fully fused although the less trochantar is apparently missing, so it might be a mutant femur. I’ll give you that. Damn those anatomically incorrect novelty pens! And I agree about the adult femur through a septum, now thats something I want to see on modblog! Somebody take that as a challenge!!!

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