VIMBY Video: MSK / AWR L.A. Art Show

VIMBY was at Canvas LA for one of their blow-out shows called “Send Lawyers, Guns and Money…”, a group show by MSK x AWR to raise money for a good cause. The gallery featured work by Revok, Augor, Ewok, Risk, and many other amazing graffiti artists.

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5 thoughts on “VIMBY Video: MSK / AWR L.A. Art Show

  1. the problem with graffifti artists is that

    their not willing to buy huge peices of wood or whateva 2 spray paint themselfs they

    just do it on other ppls things etc

  2. yeah, someone gets paint on the side of their building, big deal, paint over it if you hate it. but don’t try and send these guys to prison for up to 8 years because they put art around the city.

    i agree that sentence is insane.
    i know it’s illegal, but for painting the side of a building? c’mon, at least they didn’t blow the place up or something, or rape or murder anyone.

    it sucks they had to have the gallery to collect legal fees, but at least they’re getting themselves out there as more than just people who “ruin” buildings.

  3. Great artists. However, I would never buy a piece of artwork from them to support their legal fees. They know what they do is illegal. I have no pity for them for defacing property. Our tax dollars are wasted on covering up graffiti on public property. Find another outlet for artistic expression.

  4. I really enjoy graffiti in certain places…can’t stand it when I can’t look outside when I’m on the train because it’s painted top to bottom, but the main thing why I DO like it, is because it’s for everyone. Everyone can see it everywhere, you don’t have to pay for it unlike most musea, and if you don’t have to go to artclass or something to contribute to it. Besides, a lot of writers got involved in graffiti and gained artistic talents and learned about colourskemes and how composition works, instead of joining a gang or use/sell drugs. It’s vandalism, yes, but what a beautiful crime.

  5. I feel bad about posting something completely non-graffiti-or-crime-related, but: I can’t get sound on any VIMBY – not on their website, not on the blog, and can’t find any information about why it may not work on their website or Google. Maybe I’m not googling hard enough.
    Anybody know what’s up?

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