But Doctor, I Am Pagliacci

Returning champion MissDuveaux checks in with this backstage shot from a high-fashion photo-shoot (with tattoos!) she did recently with Feriet Tunc.

(Make-up by Mart Reker, styling by Pythia Styling, corset by Dennis Diem.)

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18 thoughts on “But Doctor, I Am Pagliacci

  1. okay she is gorgeous and i love the watchmen reference. but, i saw the movie yesterday and the second half made me incredibly angry! i can’t believe he fucked with it.

  2. Hey, everything else in the Watchmen movie was 99.9% accurate, why bitch about removing one silly squid?

    Mod-related, adorable cherries :)

  3. there are a lot of things that were left out of the movie that made the book amazing and helped to get across certain points. for instance, leaving out a lot of the psychatrist’s story.

    plus it was kind of lame that only the villains smoked. i really did like the first half though, and all the little details like the “boys” folder on the computer.

  4. the only thing that pissed me off about the movie was the “hey, let’s make them kiss at the end!” that was my one complaint — i didn’t mind the removal of the alien squid. ;) pretty corset, but does not match those pants at all.

  5. But laura they like changed so many parts in the ending, things that totally didn’t have to be changed! Ya like why couldn’t they have those big bad ass tentacles reaching across the city instead of a piddly little bomb.

    ri- haha you saw that to?? Totally awesome I was like.. “wait, huh”

  6. If the movie contained every little detail that’s important only to the people who can’t be pleased anyway, it would have been at least 6 hours. For a three hour film, they did a fucking great job. They didn’t actually change that much, for a big budget picture it was very true to the story.

    On topic…this is a cool picture.

  7. love the makeup, it reminds me of blade-runner.

    that Watchmen movie is awesome, except for the end. its pretty lame Zack chose to put it all on Dr.Manhattan, instead of staying true to the original ending. just lame really. but thats the only gripe i have with it.
    although my favorite moment was also missing….how to handle bullies that smoke.

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