This Language That I’ve Found

These nice clean cuts were done by Franzz at Exiting Body Piercing in Besançon, France. On an unrelated note, I’m going to go trim my cat’s claws. See you in the morning, ModBloggers.

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34 thoughts on “This Language That I’ve Found

  1. I know it’s so simple, but on this larger scale i think it brings a certain charm. I really like this. I’m with bob on this as well, it’d be nice to see a whole body shot to see how it sits with everything else. Hope the healing process goes well and keloids nicely :-D

  2. As much as I love the impressive highly detailed cuttings that have been posted lately, I’m really attracted to this one for some reason.
    I want.

  3. It never really occurs to me how painful scarification must be anymore because I see it so often… but that looks really sore.

  4. she can say she owns a tiger now and it was angry. or it gave her a hug. they look real pretty i love the placement

  5. if she gets it completed to the center then flipped to travel all the way around that would turn into a line design

  6. Those are nice. They remind me of my (much smaller) rib scars.

    …Not the ones that were ModBlogged.


  7. I love intricate scarification, but I also love the minimalism in pieces like these. I like the way the lines are positioned.

    & I also greatly enjoy her navel jewelry. :]

  8. ouch how wud you sleep? it goes right round to the back! a couple of light sleeping nights i guess.

    nice cuts, ive admired smaller versions but this takes the cake.

  9. Personally I think scarification works better when it is more of a simple pattern which works with the bodies shapes.

  10. Very symmetrical, and the lines are nice as straight, it seems a little deep which gives me a mild twinge of pain in my side, but overall i really like this piece and she has a nice figure.

  11. So awesome. Simple in design, but the scale of the scar gives it that nice intensity. You know, makes people stare and gasp ‘OH MY GAWD WHY’D YOU DO THAT???’ Yea, like that.

  12. i love this
    this is a great example of what i like best from cutting
    simple, clean, etc.

    great work! congrats to the recipient.

  13. i guess im the only one who doesnt like this kinda thing….
    whats the point?
    You can tell people you were attacked by a bear? i guess thats cool…
    looks like a lot of time, effort, money, and pain for not so much.

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