Birthday Suspension, With Poutine

Gabriel sends in this CSQ-facilitated birthday suspension, where apparently cake has been ditched in favor of a pile of delicious poutine! I support this.

(Photo by Hugo Lemieux-Fournier.)

27 thoughts on “Birthday Suspension, With Poutine

  1. poutine, is good but so unhealthy
    its french fries/chips(depends on where you’re from) with cheese and gravy

  2. Yea I definately google poutine. looks rather delicious but not in that photo o.0

  3. nice pants!

    no, thats not sarcasm
    and the floor reminds my of the black lodge abit

  4. at first glance I thought he was eating a Chipotle burrito bowl.

    I am disappointed…

  5. This man is absolutely crazy.
    Don’t worry, Gab, I’ll keep your secret about this whole poutine/suspension thing. :P

  6. I had to look up what poutine was and it sounds damn good :)

    I already love fries with gravy so why not add cheese curd and call it a good day!

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