“Money Talks, Bullshit Walks”

Loyal reader Steve writes in:

This was done by George Campise at Seventh Son Tattoo in San Francisco, California. It’s on the back of my knees, didn’t really hurt that much. I broke up with a girl around the time and she left me because I didn’t make enough money for her to stay with me, even though I had my own dream job (I test video games for a living). So I decided to get the money talks/bullshit walks pieces. Everyone loves the turd and if you look closely to his right, there is a bull looking backwards thinking “WTF?” And I love the shit-eating grin the turd has and the very matter-of-fact look of the money. These are two of my favorites in my collection.

Close-ups of each piece after the jump.

24 thoughts on ““Money Talks, Bullshit Walks”

  1. These are great XD But more I love the Doraemon tattoo under the bullshit walks piece. I have loved Doraemon since my family hosted a Japanese exchange student in high school and almost everything she owned had him on it. So cute :D

  2. haha great tattoo!! and if you’ve ever seen “grandma’s boy” you know you’ll end up rich & with a hot girl in the end – one of the perks of being a video game tester

  3. great piece, i love the story behind it.

    i wonder how old they are tho?
    that style of tattooing (which has become massively popular) worries me. as awesome as that style looks, i wonder how they will age.

  4. i want your job.
    srsly, if you ever need a break you can outsource me for peanuts.
    like, literal peanuts.

  5. I also have a “fuck you, we’re finished” tattoo… So many people seem to think they’re spiteful and silly ect, but they’re so empowering. So go you :)

  6. I love how there is different monetary marks. Really makes that particular piece for me, and the bull looking back is my favourite on the BS part.

  7. Hey! One of the rare moment when i really like the idea behind a ‘comedy’ tattoo; thanks for making me smile :-)

  8. Haha I’m glad there was an explanation, or I really wouldn’t have understood the shit tattoo…but now that I know what it means, I like it! The ink looks really well done too. Glad to hear you have your dream job – just because she isn’t happy with her life doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be :-)

    P.S. Love the Doraemon tattoo…mainly because I love simple tattoos :-)

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  10. Hahah holy shit that is great!

    Gotta love your job like that tho!

    Doesn’t really matter what you look like.

    I know how it goes! You test the games, I make them!


  11. It’s one thing to be disappointed in your mate’s choice work, but if it’s you dream job and she couldn’t stand next you then your better off without her!!

  12. wow! the money half of this was executed perfectly; the dire, worldly, sober expression is killing me! very nice with the other currency symbols ….. and I can’t believe someone just made me enjoy poop… a poop tattoo even. delusional poop. it’s brilliant.

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