What Do You Call a Suspension That’s Not Yours?

Nacho suspension! Eh? Eh?


ANYWAY, here we have the aforementioned Ignacio’s first suspension in Montevideo, Uruguay, being attended to by the lovely La Negra, who basically lives on ModBlog. As far as first suspensions go, this one seems like it got a lot of the parts just right. A few more shots after the jump.

(Photos by María Pérez/Raw Photography.)

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19 thoughts on “What Do You Call a Suspension That’s Not Yours?

  1. “Nacho suspension”? First I figured old Jordan had finally lost his marbles… then I got it! *rofl*

  2. finally uruguay its part of the latins suspensions air!
    i <3 uruguay
    thanks to nacho for share this with me, was a lovely time..

    jordan..i like live here ;)

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  4. It was flawless!
    Thanks to La Negra, María and Maqui (and Marc for the attempt to help) for sharing this moment w/me. A special and lovely one.

  5. =D
    …Nacho!!! you know what this meant for all of us…for me… it was beautifull!
    and there’s so much more to come…

    Negra, thanks so much for your cooperation… we are deeply grateful!

    Maqui… <3

    (and these are only the backstage pics… wait untill the rest are ready! jajaja)

  6. Maybe a simmetry freak ut I hope it’s not a tattoo, it’s not well centered u_u
    Kudos for Nacho, I wish I could get suspended as well
    And cheers to La Negra, Argentina’s ambassador on ModBlog!!

  7. Well done nachote!!!!!!!!
    Next time we`ll be there to freak out with u !!!!!
    keep felling the bm!!!!

  8. i also adore the white stripe, it looks like it belongs on him. or like he’s projecting it

    strangely enough, im not a fan if the white stripes….

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