She Asked if She Could Fly, So I Gave Her Wings

This play piercing photo comes from Cris Black at Aces and Eights, who explains:

did this play piercing in Norcross, Georgia, on a client/friend of mine named Heather (on whose chest I’ve done microdermal implants). The original idea was to have both girls (Heather and Hailey) to have wings, but after seven needles were placed, Hailey passed out, so we had to make do with only the one girl. The piercings only took about 30 minutes, the photo shoot that followed took about six hours; 74 22-gauge needles. This was the first play piercing Heather had ever been a part of and she’s already asked for more—I think she’s hooked.

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24 thoughts on “She Asked if She Could Fly, So I Gave Her Wings

  1. The poor girl passed out, that sucks! How often does that happen!

    The picture is great and the wings are so lovely!!

  2. @MadHatter: for body piercings big is good. Bigger is sometimes better. For the doctor giving you a shot of something – smaller is usually better, that’s why hypodermics come in gauges you would never use for jewellery.

    I learned how to take blood samples from baby chicks recently and the vet who taught me said that it was his dentist who showed him the existence of 29 G needles!

  3. I love the swirl pattern!!!
    nice picture altogether…
    there are 31 gauge needles as well.

  4. lovely picture, and the pattern is beautiful.

    kudos to the girl who passed out, least she tried it out 🙂 braver than me for sure.

  5. thank you, everyone for the gracious comments.

    i want to clear something up though.

    the link to Aces and Eights is not the link to the shop that i work at.
    i work at a shop located in south georgia that goes by the same name. we are in the process of changing our name to destroy any possible confusion down the road with the Aces and Eights shop in Augusta.

    no disrespect meant to the great artists at the Aces and Eights shop that has been linked to from this Modblog post.

    thank you.

  6. yay!…a good looking play piercing, and photograph!….that’s rare these days….haha. I like it. I’d love to see it without the feathers, and it had to be a little challenging to get those center ones in, the ones touching. They are all a little deep for my taste, but great job!….

    Are you anywhere near Atlanta?!….I’m doing a live play piercing during the Novocaine set at the 9th annual St PatPRICK’s party at the EARL in East Atlanta….St Patty’s day, Mar 17th!!

  7. Gorgeous photo, very surreal. It took me a long time to work out what’s going on there, the effect is fabulous. Any more from this shoot? Absolutely love the piercings too, I wonder how the blood ran when they came out? Ok that sounds creepy but it’s not meant to be, I just imagine it’d have made a wonderful pattern!

  8. man i bet that was a great experience putting that together.
    it looks amazing too, really really well placed!
    i love the spirals the most

    but, in keeping with my name:
    unfortunately she aint going to be able to fly far with what, a dozen feathers?
    im not trying to knock it. clearly she is no slouch. i just figured they would fill in more plumage with such a great arrangement

  9. Hey I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your feathers from?
    I am having a hard time trying to find long enough ones for a project I would like to do.

    Also this is very beautiful and must have been a great experience.
    All the love and Support

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