Subtract Attractive Opposites

Yep, we’ve got “Play” and “Stop,” “Fast Forward” and “Rewind” … fine, I’ll ask: What do you press to eject?

(Tattoo by “Jesus a.k.a. Homefreak” in Yekaterinburg, Russia.)

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16 thoughts on “Subtract Attractive Opposites

  1. 2 ImmureME, No. Stop and play/pause 🙂
    2 Sydney, Don’t worry, now with an ear all is good.
    2 yourepretty, I realy love music, how to listen and play.
    2 all thx 😉

  2. Best knuckle tattoo I’ve ever seen. Then again, I’m biased as I’m an enormous fan of music in general.


  3. gnarly, the “drullet” cool idea for a finger piece. id love to shoot a shot with a fisheye lens where he had his hand on a turntable (blown up huge by the lens) and his face somewhere in the back with a ball cap, sunnies and headphones. if your ever in vancouver….

  4. That’s friggin’ sweeeeeet. I’m thinking of getting one on my lippp(: For the times in my life, and cause it’s just cool az.

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