Fresh and Healed Facial Cuttings

This fresh facial cutting was done by Headrick from Club Tattoo‘s Tempe, Arizona, shop, and as luck would have it, we’ve got a healed shot as well. Check it out after the jump.

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27 thoughts on “Fresh and Healed Facial Cuttings

  1. he healed nicely. The scars are faint enough to look like scratches but heavy enough to know that it wasnt the ”
    average scratch”. I like it…pretty eyes by the way.

  2. I love how in the first picture he’s looking directly at you. It’s intense. :]

  3. Looks like it was sewn up – im guessing steve haworth? He did his ears. Swear im not a stalker.

  4. @5/11
    yeah, it does look like it was sewn up. you can also see in the second picture it looks like he has new facial tattoos (shadowing around the heart and possibly the design just below it)

  5. All my scars that look like that fade with time, but I suppose thems the breaks, not like he can’t just have them redone.
    Hay you creeper.

  6. im suprised they healed so light
    but they still look good on him
    love his facial ink!

  7. Vertical whiskers, haha. They look really nice. 🙂 They healed very well and look subtle/”natural” enough for him to have been born with them.

  8. i did the same but I did one. stretched my face with tape so it wont heal right away. Idea?

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