17 thoughts on “Stippling From Hawaii

  1. okay, next task, find some good tattoo artists or piercing studios for me on Oahu! READY SET GO!

    I’m convinced they don’t exist.

  2. I love love love the stippling piece, I just wonder how well it would hold up over time….Do any one know?

  3. the facial scars and ear cropping are fantastic, I like his calf piece but I have always been a fan of black work

  4. its wonderful to see great work coming out of HI!
    this is way cool

    there are so many hacks and scratchers on those island it could make you sick.
    HI needs more good modders!

  5. i love the first piece. even simple stipling looks effective; i like the colours too.

    the second piece is good but would look lovelier with some more work; even if the outlines were a bit less primitive looking. but goodwork nonetheless.

    hadnt even noticed the scars, ear cropping, or bulge. (!) pretty guy though. 🙂

  6. thanks guys. i did have a third eye. and to me the lines dont matter. its not suppose to look perfect. nothing is. and its not finished yet….

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