Looking For Fuss ‘N Bother

Dispatch from Munich: Frameset checks in with some photos of him playing with nipple extenders. In this case, his 8 mm piercings are stretched out to a hearty 25 mm. Another angle/lighting technique, after the jump.

See more in Nipple Enlargement (Nipple Modification) (members only)

36 thoughts on “Looking For Fuss ‘N Bother

  1. It looks like a fist in that first picture.

    I imagine he’d have a fun time at Mardi Gras.

  2. Ouch.. Why would you bother doing that? You wouldn’t be able to wear a shirt in public without looking.. odd

  3. um….I’m slightly disturbed…I just don’t understand..like why….idk I just don’t get how thats enjoyable if so….ok…yea i’m going to back away slowly…yup

  4. that’s really hard to look at, and i don’t even know why (in comparison to the variety of things i’ve seen on bme). ouch.

  5. real cool, I love nipple play, stretched mine to 0g but wear 2g titanium barbell/CBR, just wish I could make them as big and protruding as this, hot

  6. I love modblog. Love it. But it has become so much more tame that it used to be. So much so that there is more than one comment in the 11 comments here that are wondering “why would anyone do that to themselves??”

  7. oh, this is fantastic. i agree with poster 12. this is modblog, if you don’t know why someone would do this, you’ve not been reading properly.

    good work. the frames are especially cool.

  8. i agree with wren, the massive screws make the pic amazing!! though i would like to see a pic of how big his nipples were to start with…i mean i have SUPER tiny nipples and i dont think they’d ever make it past a 2

  9. Hmm…
    The “outward” stretching doesn’t really bother me, but I don’t really like the huge barbell…
    But they’re your nipples, not mine :)
    And haven’t we all said “I’ll only go to 6mm! Okay 8mm…. feck it ¬¬ “

  10. Can we make him promise to send in pics next time he takes the frame off? I think the indentations on his chest and the hanging nipples would look AWESOME!

  11. Woah! This solved a mystery for me. In the jewelry display case there’s a set of these and I never could quite figure out how they worked. I always thought it was for really hardcore people who didn’t want their pizza to stick to the box. Now I get it…but I think I still wish I didn’t know!

  12. I can understand the nipple piercings (I have CBR’s in each of mine), but this is seriously disturbing.

  13. Fuck. This man is a real man.

    I got my nipples pierced. Most painful thing ever. Ever.

    This man not only got them pierced, but decided to stretch them.


    Damn dude, he’s got balls.

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