Could You Milk Me?

Continuing this afternoon’s nipple extravaganza, Roger sends in these photos and explains in the classy third-person:

It all started with Roger and Holly pondering what they could do with nipple piercings that had not been done or seen before. Roger then remembered the T-bar and decided to do a new twist on it. With dermal anchors becoming popularized, and having mastered surface areas with them, he thought the nipple would be a new and exciting territory. Because Roger already pierced Holly’s nipples as we traditionally see them, he ventured into the T-bar look with dermal anchors posing as the top. They are two completely separate piercings, and the dermal anchor adds a classy and sophisticated personal touch. Never before done, he has awed us with his innovative imagination and successfully colored outside of the lines once again! This is a beautiful, creative addition to the other modifications he’s already done on Holly, including her lobes, septum, conch, nipples, vertical lip and ornate cutting on her hip.

Another shot, after the jump.

77 thoughts on “Could You Milk Me?

  1. surely it will just look like she has a permanent nipple on? lol
    other than that i thinks it looks rather nice

  2. nice! i did a double take on this one! but on the subject of breast feeding…what if her baby swallowed one sucking too hard?

  3. BWAHA I read that as lip, actually hip. Now that I CAN see what it really is, it’s lovely :)

  4. You’d obviously have to take them out to breastfeed, the barbells too. There’s a huge risk of them being swallowed (more so than the barbells, I’d assume). I’d also worry about the normal nipple discharge getting stuck and causing an infection during pregnancy.

    However, these are some beautiful piercings. They fit her very well aesthetically. The intricate arm tattoo is gorgeous, too.

  5. “What hasn’t been done before?!”
    “Oh, yeah! That will get people’s attention!”

    …just judging by the way the above statement was written.

    Hopefully I have a misunderstanding.

  6. that does look very interesting… but I fear what will happen if and when they get pissed off and either reject or have to be removed…

  7. Wasn’t this on modblog before? And the lady had pink ends on her micros???

  8. I swear I’ve seen nipple microdermals before.
    They had caps on them though. Gems, I think?
    Pretty sure this has been done/seen before.
    Just not with traditional nipple piercings too.

  9. I’ve personally done this before, although on male nipples, and the micros did not last more than a week. The tissue was difficult to pocket and expectations were low. All in all a good experiment but the outcome was exactly as expected. Makes for a great photo though. Definitely not the first.

  10. Thanks for the comments, like Holly iam: mentioned before they have been in for over two months and going strong, she was our counter girl for over a year and fully understands the pro and cons to this type of piercing, i have been using single point/Dermal Anchors since they came out 4 years ago and have done hundreds, so me taking on her nipple was not a simple decision.

    They did suck to do and get and HollyBo can confirm that.

    If they need to be removed it will hurt just the same as going in..

    thanks again

  11. awesome that they seem to be doing well (based on the comments from roger and holly). Id be concerned with pinching from the anchor being in front of the barbells. the small amount of skin between the 2 pieces of jewelry being pinched if bumped. A t bar would eliminate that specific risk although it does open up other ones.

    Hope they heal well, its a nice visual effect

  12. yes they did SUUUCK to get in, but it was a riot tho, a great bonding experience too. Thank you again Roger, you are simply golden, much love! Prix Pride!

    and as for my Sleeve, Just finished it two weeks ago. Zoey Taylor is my(fabulous) Artist and you can find her and Roger Rabbit at Prix Body Adornment in West Hollywood, CA.

  13. i have seen the same placement before, but on a man, with flat innie nipples. Nevertheless, looks very nice.

  14. Very pretty… Am I the only one who’s worried by her navel piercing? It could be just the angle but it seems a little shallow. But otherwise, so nice!

  15. gorgeous, but really, all I can think looking at them is “OUCH!”. they really must suck to get.

  16. Why is it that whenever a woman gets a mod to her nipples, generally people’s first question is “How will she breastfeed?”

    Not all women are baby factories.

  17. I also would worry about breast-feeding. And #39, people are probably concerned about it because they would be concerned about themselves in that situation. We tend to project fears about ourselves onto other people. I have no idea if Holly plans on having children, but I personally do, and therefore look at these photos and think, “hmmm, how would this affect MY future children?” But since they’re not my nipples, I have to go, “hmm, how could this affect her possible future children?”

    We don’t all think women are baby factories. But a lot of women (IMO) have some thought or tiny inkling of perhaps having children someday. And this affects how we see nipple mods. Or genital mods, for that matter.

  18. “never been done before”?

    See, no matter how cool your work may be, you make a claim like that and lose a LOT of respect. You make yourself sound like an idiot. I don’t believe for a second nobody’s ever put a T-bar in a nipple before.

  19. Not all women are baby factories. Nobody suggested they were. Nobody has said “this is a terrible idea because when this baby factory has her next baby she may have trouble breastfeeding”. Breastfeeding is the primary function of nipples, and it’s natural to wonder what impact any female nipple modification would have on that function. It’s a relevant theoretical question.

  20. very cool, they remind me of spigots…but in a good way
    i applaud her for going thru with this

    PS: RRR & Prix are great!

  21. What I want to know is who the piercer was, and were they are located!!

    Just gorgeous!!!

  22. #38 my navel was pierced incorrectly over 9 years ago and migrated a lil bit over time. I didn’t want to take it out cause i have a scar there from the migration so I just ordered a 1/4 inch CVBBL from IS to make sure it fitted nicely to make the best of a shitty piercing.

  23. #47 Roger Rabbit is the manager and resident piercer at Prix in West Hollywood, CA. he is just amazing so go get work by him!

  24. Holly – I also have a shitty shallow navel piercing… And I’d have a crazy scar if I ever took it out… So yeah I went for smaller barbell, and I haven’t had an issue with it in the 11 years I’ve had it!

  25. Awesome! I’m looking to do t-bars at some point; but this is another very interesting take on getting a similar look with a different technique. Super awesome!

  26. I came in here to say what Colin and Xeni already said.

    1 – But my, is that a gorgeous sleeve! These two pictures combined are so beautiful and erotic.

    2 – “Why is it that whenever a woman gets a mod to her nipples, generally people’s first question is ‘How will she breastfeed?’

    Not all women are baby factories.”

  27. She looks just like my girlfriend from the neck down :3
    Except without the tattoo and piercings, haha. Really similar body

  28. lovely work, i like to think that people who undergo such procedures have considered the risks etc and discussed the issues they might face should x or y happen etc, if a woman already has nipple piercings chances are shes already thought about the implications on breast feeding should she at some point decide she wants or can have children, and despite being a woman myself, i didnt actually look at them and wonder what might happen if she wants to breastfeed.

    i am more curious as to how this affects the nipples in general; are they more sensitive? the same? do the tops fall off all the time like iwth my microdermal? etc. :)

  29. The gems have never fallen off, roger kung foo ninja gripped that shit on there so no problemos in that dept.

    Nipple sensitivity increased as far as bra/clothing rubbing and play. I have to remind my partner of them, since we do participate in nipple play, hes very aware of the angle that the anchor is placed as well as the barbells, basically they cross over. barbell facing one way, anchor ‘foot and heel’ in opposite direction placement to barbells. And since my nipples do protrude more then the average woman’s, i can get around pissing off the piercings by instructing to touch below and behind the barbells. I have minimized the nipple play greatly to make sure im not damaging or elongating healing period. As Roger mentioned, I have learned a lot from working closely with him and understood all precautions to this procedure and know if anything went horrible wrong he would be there to sort it all out.

    As for breastfeeding. Ive not said anything so far as I do not in fact consider myself a babymaking factory and do not plan to have kids (even tho im young i know people will say I’ll change my mind one day, blaaah blah blah)

    You have to remember women are built for nipple trauma. Breast feeding isnt a painfree task, especially when the child is teething. Women have over a thousand or so milk ducts and nerves in their nipples. so Roger might have snagged, and removed some usinng the dermal punch, but it definitely wont effect breast feeding if i do ever change my mind. I thank Roger for all the knowledge I have picked up whilst working with him at Prix, you learned me good mr Rabbit, TY!

    thank you for all the positive input and comments. TY for my sleeve compliments also, much appreciated as it wasnt the focus of the pics or article. I have posted a few more pics, you can visit my IAM page to check them out.

    much love to all

    Big Upz BME and Modblog, you rock my modified world!

  30. Just to clarify; my friend Simon who is a body piercer in Australia did the same thing to a female client last year. Haven’t heard how they held up. He’s got an IAM page but I can’t recall the screen name.

    Good on Roger for doing a nice job. No harm done seeing he and his client were well informed of the pros and cons. Hopefully they stay as long as any anchor can.

  31. I like how Holly is saying she’s so educated but is willing to out her beloved piercer for using an illegal implement to do the procedure…laughable!

  32. Holly, you are magnificent. In the true spirit of body mods…the human body is a canvas….no two are going to look a like….so why would the same piericngs, tattoos, and scars look the same? I personally have always loved the uniqueness of your navel piercing. The total package is also pretty mind blowing I cant wait to see what you do next!

  33. This has been done before.
    Its been on bme before as well, quite sometime ago.
    As someone said in a previous post, there was a female that had them with pink gems.
    (as a piecer) I remember discussing it at work about how it was done.

    Claiming to be the first person to do something, can sometimes make you look silly. :/

    But, Beautiful none the less! The photos are certainly great, and props to the piercer, because I dont think I would ever attempt this, and he executed very well apparently!

  34. Wow thats really unique and beautiful, not something you see everyday, thats for sure!

  35. Ive been wanting to get these dermal nipple peircings for three years now. finally someone has done it! <3 beautiful.

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