The Topmost Twig That Looks to the Sky

Erik sends in this shot of he Tobben (Erik’s Tobben’s on top) doing a tandem suspension during their first live suspension performance (!). Nicely done, gents.

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21 thoughts on “The Topmost Twig That Looks to the Sky

  1. Its so funny to enter here and find a pic of me like that :P Its so long ago, with so little inc, It feels so “naked” when i look at it now :P

    PS: tobben is on the top, Erik is on the buttom.

  2. Haha no we are not twins. Not even brothers. Just good friends :)

    Bena: We thought that since tobben was in the hightest position he should have the harness. My head was never more than about 40cm over the ground so i didn’t really need one.

  3. Ingen overraskelse at Erik er bottom nei, EH he H E he he

    Men fra spøk til gunnvor; knall å se nordmenn på modblog! Vi burde gjøre det til en vane, folkens. :)

  4. my concern isn’t height (in this case).
    if tobbens hook/skin/cord fail, he falls down about 15-50cm (depending how tight it is) and it “snapps” when the harness takes the fall, so your (and/or his) skin would most likely fail and you would fall down anyway.

  5. ohh, there are so many more pics of this show…of the crowds reaction, and of the “pierce-part”…
    the whole show was so awesome…the music, the ppl, the energy in the air…i have to admit, some tears fell down my face that night…i was soooo proud of my brave boyfriend :P

  6. Ja er ikke lenge siden sist det var en nordman her nei ;)

    Sweet looking picture! I wish I was there to see it live.

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