Take a Piece

Good day, gentle ModBloggers! Hope the weekend treated you well. Let’s begin this Monday with Lilli and this terrifying chocolate dessert monster. Interestingly enough though, this cupcake is actually regulation-size—Lilli, on the other hand, is only eighteen inches tall. Visit her at HTC Body Piercing and see for yourself!

Unborn Burlap

OK, you know what? Not fair. This just isn’t fair. “Chinchilla and cupcake parties are the shit,” she says, knowing full well what she’s doing. You don’t just combine a pretty girl with nice tattoos, an adorable animal and a delicious cupcake and not expect to get featured on ModBlog! Dirty pool. What the hell is a “chinchilla and cupcake party,” anyway? Aside from a blatant appeal to my Internet sensibilities, of course. More shameless pandering, after the jump.

(Tattoos by Nickhole Arcade at Living Dead Tattoo in Las Vegas, Nevada.)