Exploiters and Despoilers

Good morning, ModBloggers! The last time we saw Mike, he was hanging from his calf in about the most idyllic setting you can imagine. And now? Well … hmm, actually, I can’t tell if he’s buying or selling, to be honest. Either way, that’s a good deal.

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29 thoughts on “Exploiters and Despoilers

  1. oh i see it.
    why the poor fellow has to prostitute himself, i dont know.
    but since SF has no problems prostituting the swastika, they might as well sell thier bodies too.

    your it

  2. hahahahaha
    schwer tätowierte finger … würd ich da sagen!
    sehen einer bekannten person sehr ähnlich, muss wohl ein zufall sein!

  3. That lip looks angry…

    Is that a scalp tattoo I see, or just some freaky coincidental shadows on his head?

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