Reasons That Reason Cannot Know

Oh hey, it’s Kaylah! (Not to be confused with Anna.) You know, if there’s one thing that’s often discussed in salons and think-tanks around the world, it’s what sorts of advancements the next stage of human evolution will bring us. Personally? If naturally occurring blue hair hasn’t at least made the shortlist, well, then I don’t even know this rotten species anymore. (And yes, I realize hers is closer to teal/turquoise. Point still stands.)

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19 thoughts on “Reasons That Reason Cannot Know

  1. i’d like naturally occuring pink hair cos the dye fades like a fucker,
    cute girlie

  2. Yes, naturally funny-coloured hair would be great!
    And I like Kaylah’s hair. And her dimples, because I think that
    cheek-piercings make better sense with dimples to fit in.

    BUT how in the world should she ever be confused with Anna?
    I’m starting to believe that somebody really seems to have a crush on her…

  3. Oh.
    I see.
    I visited the page…

    But still: I’m as familiar with Annas face as if she was a neighbour of mine.
    That isn’t too bad.

  4. i like the teal on Kaylah much more than the pink.

    cardboardfrog: try pravana.

    my pink doesnt fade in the least.

    that makes me happy. i wouldnt bother with it if i had to, and im a hairdresser.

  5. i have such an iam crush on this girl shes amazing
    and yes bring on natural blue hair itd save me alot of time!!

  6. I was doing a scroll down thinking how cute that girl was and then I was like”woah! same name MUST be cool!’. Except I have the H missing but semantics. 😀

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