Can’t Go On a Single Minute

Oh hey, it’s Candice, “ridin’ dirty,” as the kids say. Wait, do the kids say that? I haven’t a chance to peruse that LP on the gramophone yet. One thing grandpa Jordan does know, however, is that that’s some beautiful ebony ear jewelry.

39 thoughts on “Can’t Go On a Single Minute

  1. wow her lobe’s been stretched pretty big ^^ nice 🙂

    absolutely LOVING the plugs!!! i want!!!

  2. Lovely girl
    Lovely plug
    Lovely hole, mean… Lobe
    Err, big lobe…
    Well, you know

  3. Absolutely beautiful… both the girl and the plugs.

    Out of curiosity; how big are her lobes? Maybe she’s just small but those look exceptionally large. In a completely awesome way.

  4. Nows the time for a click though….

    She’s stunning!

    plugs could be Paul’s Plugs? they offer all sorts of wood and can do everything custom.

  5. I love everything about this, the jewellery’s amazing and she’s stunning 🙂

  6. those look like something from he is also on iam, but not sure of the link.

    she is beautiful!! i love the dimple scars…MMMmmm..

  7. I think I wet my pants a little. ;p

    So gorgeous. I love that there aren’t a lot of other ear piercings and you can just focus on the lobe.

  8. She’s the most gorgeous woman I’ve seen in along time. I admire her mods.

  9. it could be just me…but i hate really huge lobes. they’re not that nice esthetically, and they must be so obnoxious to deal with every day.

    but that’s my opinion.

  10. yay! thank you everyone <33 actually my boyfriend made them for me. if you are interested in plugs *organic or metal* just message me and ill pass it along to him.

  11. I wish I had not looked at the paulsplugs warehouse.
    Makes me want to get my ears pierced and stretched and thats not something i can do.

    absolutly amazing photo, gorgeous.

  12. her lobes are amazing and so are those plugs!!
    This girl is freaking gorgeous…. and I love that you can just see a peek of the cupcake under her sweater. CUTE!

  13. Am I the only one more intrigued by what appears to be a rook-to-tragus link than the stretched lobe? I love the heart plug but I swear there is something else going on in the ear! I hope it’s not just a rook and a tragus, separate piercings, because this would be SO COOL as all-in-one. I’m really into non-standard industrials.

  14. so usually i abhor ears that are over 1 1/2 inch because they are ICKY. i have NEVER EVER EVER liked them

    until today… droooool

  15. That is the prettiest stretched lobe I have ever seen. Usually I find stretched lobes gross and stupid looking, but WOW.

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