A Bard Before a Priest

I love this picture of Steve standing ominously over twin resurrection-suspendees Dani Danger and Cari at a recent Life Suspended gig at the Arizona Fetish Ball. I have to say, though, Steve’s outfit looks like it doesn’t breathe at all, especially in a hot nightclub—someone get this man a Snuggie!

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4 thoughts on “A Bard Before a Priest

  1. nice picture, loove the snuggie reference though! those commercials are too funny!lol one of my friends has one though and I guess they’re actually really nice

  2. Ahhh this feature is lovely :)

    ahah a snuggie? never seen one before! those things are amazing! i want one!

    You’ve certainly done your bit for the day ModBlog

  3. fuck priests!
    they only exist to enslave your minds and brainwash/abuse children.

    on the other hand, Steve rules!
    i dont understand why he chooses to dress like a scumbag, presumably its just for theatrics.

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