Panic Plays No Part

Continuing with today’s seat-of-the-pants animal/insect theme, here we have the lovely Heather, all nursed up and doling out an off-screen stare-down. What does this have to do with insects? Check out Heather’s flaming cicada, after the jump.

… OK, it’s probably a moth. I just liked the sound of “flaming cicada.”

(Stomach scarification by Wayde Dunn.)

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47 thoughts on “Panic Plays No Part

  1. *sigh*

    Oh implants, why must you be so spherical?

    Do people really find perfectly round boobs attractive? They scare me.

  2. those are very nice boobs, nice nipples but oddly round, cool tattoo though

  3. I’ve seen them in person, Heather’s boobs are very nice. I wouldn’t complain about them for an instant. That and they make for neat tricks, ha.

  4. I may have just come down with a fever!
    She has such a nice figure. 🙂 AND mods :p

  5. Everyone complaining about fake breasts are no different than those who complain about body mods……. I thought that’s what this site was about?????? BODY MODIFICATION???

  6. @kgb

    Ah, piercings/tattoos. Why? I’d prefer virgin skins to modified ones.


  7. Likings mods doesn’t mean all mods are awesome all the time.

    I can criticise a shitty tattoo without problems, why not other mods? Yeah the breast implants gave me a bit of a start (holy upright boobs!) but seriously, if it’s a mod like any other then it’ll come with the criticism of the mod like any other. From “ew tattoos/implants are gross” to “SUE THE GUY WHO DID THAT” to “marry me with your upright boobs in my face”.

  8. I’m not really diggin on the implants. Not that I have an issue with implants in general, but I feel like these just look sort of strange, but it might also just be the angle in the photo.

  9. so thats what my boobs would look like if they had implants!! i kinda like it. we have the same nipples. i noticed that before anything else.

  10. I just….I just wanna touch her boobs. haha. *shrug* She’s definitely hot. And lovely mods! I still see implants as mods so they’re still awesome.

  11. Why has no one said anything about her being a nurse!? Am i the only who is turned on by nurses? Anyways, her boobs look awesome, i love boobs. They are implants, which are put on modblog a lot, these just happen to be in her boobs, so what?

  12. Are her nipples tattooed? I absolutely LOVE the contrast between her nipples and areolas. I’ve noticed I don’t have that sort of contrast, so it seems to me that they could be tattoos. She is so beautiful!!!!

  13. Yeah those are some fabulous tits. I wish mine were like that; fake or not.

    I love how the tattoo is shaped around her boobiess. Sooo nice 😀

  14. love the ink but her tits scare the shit out of me. they look like they’re gonna take off.

  15. Well… I’ll say that even though I’m def. not a fan of implants, she definitely had a really pro job. I’ve seen some really terrible augmentations! The reason why they look so spherical is because breast implant shape does not allow for the natural “ski slope” on the top of the breast when one is going from a naturally very small size to a much larger size. They don’t look quite so round when one is only going slightly larger in size. But hey, she’s never going to need to wear a bra ever again, and for that, I envy her!!!

    That being said, while her tattoos are fantastic, I have to say props on the cutting! The placement and fine detailing looks absolutely amazing!!!

    heh oh yeah, I have those shoes… heh mmmmmmmm naughty nurse mmmmmm

  16. i think there’s every right to comment on the fake boobage. i mean, if you think about, of course plastic surgery is a form of “body modification”

    and with that said i comment on them by saying they look kinda funny, but her nips are still nice

  17. her boobies are fairly new. i’ve known heather for a long time. way before the boobies. i like her with them and i liked her without them. shit they make her happy and isn’t that what its all about?

  18. im pretty sure anything i comment is going to be OVERLY biased so we’ll just keep it at that 🙂
    either way…. it’s a butterfly! not a moth or a cicada.

    p.s. why is that dragon riding a skateboard?

  19. yay silicone based hemispherical chest implants- she must be highly suitable for mating purposes.

  20. I see nothing wrong, with her implants, nothing. They are, yes, perfectly spherical, unnaturally so, but she’s clearly not some bimbo wih no self-respect who bases her self-esteem on the approval of FHM-reading Neanderthals. They look beautiful, actually – she looks like a superheroine from a comic book. All they do is exaggerate the feminine figure she probably already had anyway, just as her piercings and tattoos exaggerate and enhance the natural beauty her face and body already have.
    People on here can be very hypocritical. Just because something is “mainstream” or widely accepted doesn’t make it invalid. Such a complex about being “different” and “special”. Apologies to all the very lovely ModBlog people who aren’t like this, but it gets on my nerves a great deal.

  21. Whoops, sorry, got so carried away with defending implants that I forgot to say, I love the cicada tattoo 😀 yay insects.

  22. implants are just another mod to me. I’d like the chance to compare though lol

  23. this model…is more stunnin in person & her figure speaks for itself…she’s a pleasure to work with….i would know for i was the one responsible for the photos…& i must say….she photographs very well…

    SteVe SaVage

  24. Until I read the comments, I couldn’t tell her breasts were augmented. Now it seems obvious, but I really just thought they were floating, magically pulled towards the sky. I love well-done boobular tattoos, which are difficult to find, and sexy nurses. Thank you, miss, for both.

  25. I don’t have a problem with implants per se – I have a problem with implants that LOOK like implants. It’s one thing to go after bigger boobs, but I think they should still look natural. Sure, you can still tell, but they should SIT naturally, you know? These are just screaming out loud that they’re fakes. Not criticizing the girl or even her choice to get them. More criticizing the surgeon who put them in so they looked like they belonged to someone else.

  26. Everybody in here has got some serious issues.
    Those are damn sexy boobs, period.

  27. Not a fan of her implants, they’re too obviously fake for me. I don’t mind implants, but I am a fan of softer looking implants, not harsh protruding spheres.

    I do like her cutting however, cute!

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