Find the Time in My Face

I’m really liking the approach being taken on this facial tattoo by Mike Haines at BioGraphix Tattoo in Syracuse, New York. While I’m personally a fan of heavy black-work, I think the addition of this somewhat unconventional color combination (unconventional in terms of being coupled with black-work, that is) really livens up this project. Definitely looking forward to seeing how this progresses!

A shot of each side of his face, after the jump.

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50 thoughts on “Find the Time in My Face

  1. pretty brave to have such a bright facial tattoo! i must say, i love this! The luminous colours really suit him!

  2. He has rabbits on his chin.

    I like the division along the eye line of the blackwork and the section with color.

  3. wow, that looks AWSOME. from the side it almost looks like a mardi gras mask, lol 🙂

  4. i personally would have left it just black…all black just has a more timeless,classic look…moreso for a full face of tribal work…just my opinion.

  5. i love this. Way to step out of the average facial piercings and do a good job at it.

    oh and if anyone ever complains modblog has gone soft, they should just look at the posts from today.

  6. Hehe.. at first glance, kinda looked like the mask/cage Hannible Lector wore.. Great Tattoo also

  7. I like the look and the colour is great and full on but the execution is a very unsymmetrical, like the two triangles under his nose one is bigger I would have thought the artist would get that right, moreso for the face it is facial and symmetry is very important. Some of the lines are wobbly but that could be his faunt for moving or shaking I guess.

  8. I really love how this looks, except that I prefer more subtle facial tattoos, so, imo it would look fantastic somewhere else on the body rather than the face.

  9. I love the colour combo, definitely a different take on your usual blackwork.

  10. I am impressed by his courage?
    My impulses tell me to hold my fingers(holding my tongue would be irrelevant in this instance), but I cannot ignore my conscience any longer.
    Ok people, are you serious?
    This facial tattoo looks ridiculous.
    The lines ARE HELLA WOBBLY, and it clashes with the geometry of his face.
    Yes, I might be knit picking, but IT’S HIS FUCKING FACE!! The MOST expressive, communicative, and essential part of his body.
    What compels one do this even if one truly believes they are not our body?
    I don’t think I could look him in the eye.
    Are people trying to nice for fear that this guy will commit suicide?
    If so, then I understand. No, scratch that, I do not understand.
    Life is not that great, and this picture proves my point.
    Another thing that baffles me about body modification is the fact that everyone with heavy modifications seems to totally gleam over fashion.
    Most of these people are wearing T-shirts and jeans. WHAT THE FUCK?!
    Yesterday I saw this guy with this tribal chin tattoo and a bugs bunny shirt and a White Sox ball cap.
    What, are you trying to look like a DADA collage?
    It never ceases to surprise me how compartmentalized some people are.
    In my world there are no rewards given for “Not giving a fuck,” OK.
    Why is bad taste combined with sociopathy so revered?
    Face tattoos can be awesome.
    Google Tomas Tomas in London. Holy shit. Amazing. So beautiful. Makes me want to cover my whole face.
    But this.
    Oh boy.
    Luckily the Singularity will come along soon and allow us all to escape into our own Virtual Reality.
    And guess what?
    He is NOT invited to my lucid dream dammit.

  11. Brave, Bold & Beautiful. He has a good strong bone-structure that carries this heavy design really well. Love the colour combo.

  12. I agree with #10.
    I don’t like the look of “coloured” blackwork, It just seems a bit cheesy to me.
    But each to their own : )

  13. his pearcings and all the metal ruins and the green ruins it

    should just be black

  14. I appreciate all the comments on here, good and bad. But now for the defense. Wobbly lines on the cheeks were do to a twitch. As far as his face, not symmetric at all. There is a ton of work still being done. Even on the parts that are done. I don’t take any negative comments to heart, just use it to my advantage. This was a project that was not planned one bit. All drawn to fit the face. But, when its all said and done, then let the real comments come out. NO HATERS!

  15. 28. how has he ruined tattoos? Does it not fit in with your sailor jerry designs? Or your stars??

    It’s faily impossible to get facial work done totally symetrical as we all have bits off centre like the ears.

    Mikalobe does the guy with the tattoo work in the industry or does he have a normal job? Nice work btw.

  16. i like the use of the green/yellow in combination with the blackwork, but can’t help but seem disappointed by the line work…. especially for a piece that’s highly visible.

  17. It would look better if he wasn’t wearing a lame white teflon lip plate. And lame white ear jewelery. Lame…lame…lameUGH! Love the colorful beard though.

  18. This guy is to be congratulated on his choice of facial tattoo. It is superb. I love the bold look, and the colour combination. I cant wait to see how the finished face looks. It has been gratifying to see how this guy has progressed to the level he is at presently.
    Keep up the excellent work.

  19. I think it is bold, and wildly imaginative, and fantastic, and brilliant.
    the colours make his eyes POP!
    and I think it would be near impossible to keep a straight face when getting such work done. hence, you gotta leave a small margin of error. besides, I’m sure his smile would cover it up!

    rock on syracuse!
    roll over modblog!!!

  20. Personally I love it. Whats lame about teflon? It’s a great material. The first thing I noticed was how the green and yellow of his tattoos brought out his eyes 🙂

  21. Faces aren’t symmetrical people…
    I love the colours though. If you’re gonna go bold with a face tat, might as well go BOLD with colours!

  22. I hope he adds more to his nose, cuz idunno abuout that black going up so far and close to his nose, also its hard to make out his lips, he should get them colored too

  23. I do not like this, at all. I wouldn’t have chosen the colors, and the asymmetry in the lines would freak me out to no end, but, that’s me and whatever. What disturbs me is that I generally do not shirk from heavy work, I actually love facial tattoos, and if I wouldn’t have chosen certain styles or colors myself, I can often see what makes them beautiful for the wearer. This one, however, seems way too harsh, way too much like a mask, off-key, ill-fitting. I really hope the project will progress into something more in harmony with his face.

    That being said, what counts in the end is that the guy that wears this is happy, of course.

  24. nice sofar, good job mike, knowing that most peoples faces are not perfectly symetrical, drawing this on is the best way to do it, i think it looks good, and if when your finished , if you guys feel like theres anything that really stand out , that seems off, its a large difficult project thats not done till its done. so let the neg comments roll off, i know the finished tattoo will be great.

  25. anyone who had something bad to say about this tattoo has lost thier mind!!!!!!!
    wait till the finish piece. you all pointed out things mike allready, knew give him a break its his first face tattoo………………….we do appreciate alll non haters. And number 19……what the fuck. You seem to have an issue with alot more than this tattoo. Fashion? Whats that got to do with this facial tattoo? You have a problem with life, seek help. But, as far as the comments about the facial work, do appreciate them good or bad.

  26. MIKALOBE I think its really unfair that you ask for no haters. Your obviously behind this hundred percent- it’s not like its on a whim. Therefore you should be able to hear the haters and accept it with grace. I don’t totally agree with #19 but he’s voicing his opinion- not in a super rude way either. But he’s raising valid points. We don’t all NEED to praise it because its extreme. I wish there was more balance between between the upper and lower portions personally.

  27. Look, when i say no haters, it’s more to lighten the mood. I respect ALLLL comments good or bad. But, comments on fashion has nothing to do with this facial piece? The points on the work, yes i respect that. I’am 110% behind this. In the end is when it matters to me, when its done. Up till that point, i have to take the good with the bad. There are HATERS out there. Those are the people who hate just to hate. I’ve seen dope ass pieces people just say shit about. I’m sure there is one on here. But, again, i respect all comments. You won’t learn anything if all you got was positive feed back. I grow off of what all of you have to say. Some of these little things people point out help me to fix the problem as i go. So thank you to those who point the flaws out. I will have more to show in the future. So till then…..Thanks!!

  28. on a positive note, Aaron has become the most popular guy in Syracuse due to the face. He is on more peoples phones and computers than most rock stars. He’s happy as a pig in shit. But, still got a long road ahead of us. Stay tuned, and there will be more to comment on.

  29. I think your facial tattoo is superb. There have been several negative comments about the quality of your work. Its should be remembered that no one posesses a symetrical face therefore if the lines are not identical then its not important. What is important is that you enjoy wearing your tattoo. I admire you and really hope that your find your facial tattoo to be an enriching experience. I look forward to seeing the progress on this project.

  30. Hey Mike
    The full face tattoo work you have been doing on Aaron and posting on BME (most recent post April 9, showing green and yellow additions, etc)

    For my full face and head art, I had been planning to go to the same artist that Tribalface (Bruce Potts) had used. But now, seeing your artistry and skills, I may have to book some trips to Syracuse.

    Really great face work, man. I look forward to seeing further stages of it. And tell the client that he just keeps looking better and better….this is a totally cool and right on look for him.

    With admiration


  31. right on, I like this guy’s look! I’m 32 & I got my face heavily covered with some awesome inkwork 10 years ago; I planned it out realising it will be a complete change in how I live my life, and it has been just that. I made the right decision for myself and the experience has given me satisfaction that I never would have had if I never had it done because I was worried about getting a job or what people will think; after all F.T.W.!

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