Kissed Into Smiles Again

Hot damn—between his huge lip plate and stretched medusa, Jenya has altered his appearance more radically than many other people that we’ve seen, but I swear, I don’t know if anybody looks giddier and more satisfied with his appearance on a consistent basis than he does. I say it every time, but Russians, man…hearty stock and all that.

After the jump, his lip without the jewelry.

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83 thoughts on “Kissed Into Smiles Again

  1. Adorable! I love the flower plugs and how happy he looks!

    Amy, when I read your comment, i read it as gingerbread. lol

  2. I love how happy Jennya always is. It makes me happy that he is happy. Does anyone know about healing that kind of modification though? I would like to know if it is possible to have normal lips after this.

  3. He is pretty cute….but I can’t imagine having both lips stretched to such proportions. Definitely not for me.:(

  4. His dreads and beard (did he always have that beard? I never noticed it before. It rocks) make him look like the most modded Muppet ever, haha

    He always looks like he just friggin’ loves his life so much!

  5. Blonde and blue-eyed… why did you do that to your face?!

    (although your jewellery is awesome..)

  6. umm.. I dunno. I dont want to shit on anyones parade, but i just dont find that attractive or flattering or even cool looking at all. I deffinitly think lip plates are pretty sweet looking but he just has too much. Meh, maybe it just the stretched philtrum. I have a sour spot for those.

  7. Not really my thing. I mean it looks great and all just cuz its so extreme but I’m not one for really stretched piercings. It looks so weird and uncomfortable. But I’m pretty sure he doesnt feel that way; so kudos to him. love the first pic, looks so happy n cute :]

  8. i kind of agree anjellica. all i could think about is how nice it is to nibble the bottom lip during the kiss, and one wrong move and you’re going to be chewing on it. blech.

  9. You know, what I think is amazing about his mods is not the look of them so much as the crazy amount of time and patience he dedicated to the project. Very cool on that standard.

    As for the look, I still think it’s rad haha. Just not for my own face.

    Rock the hell on, dude. 🙂

  10. how does one drink with those sorts of mods? do you have to take the plates and plugs out, so they don’t clack on the glass? and can he breathe through his nose? i’m always so curious about the practical aspects of things like this…

  11. Crazy mods! Tons of dedication. I could never do it because I’m a wimp and would be afraid it would be too cumbersome. But damn, he always looks so happy! And his dreads are like a treasure chest with all kinds of little goodies in them. Just too damned cuddly =)

  12. Heh, id like to see him without his medusa plug…pulling his bottom lip through it and sticking a septum spike through it so its held up around his nose through his top lip.

    I’ve always admired how much better these “heavy” mods look on Jenya than they do and would on pretty much everyone else. somehow he manages to pull it off.

  13. I admire how he can pull off such extreme mods. Even moreso the fact that they look so HEALTHY.

    Certainly not for me but the first picture clearly displays how chuffed he is with them.

  14. His little bead say “love” thats cute 🙂 I really like all of his mods, but that stretched medusa would drive me crazy.

  15. Has anyone here seen his YouTube videos? I found them when I was randomly surfing one day. They’re at

    There are videos of him talking, eating, drinking, brushing his teeth, etc.

    I thought he was adorable before, but after I saw his videos, he is more adorable than you could ever imagine!

  16. i love his jewelery, particularly what hes done with his nose in the first pic. tribal inspired, but the teflon gives it a more modern look. and the medusa of course is gorgeous.

    im in love with lip plates..

  17. Why is it always a race for the youngins’ to have the biggest holes? Goodness knows I love stretched stuff but really? This is beyond me.

  18. ^_^
    too much pot? !!!!
    if u check all his videos and pics he’s always high
    red eyes , drooly and barely talk
    does he growing weed at home?

  19. I dont know how he does it , but although these count as extreme mods (well, extreme to me anyway) when Jenya wears them they just look sort of natural and effortless. Maybe its his sense of style, maybe its just that hes so happy with them , but they all hang together somehow. You get the feeling that its not extreme, just a different sort of normal you havent come across before

  20. I don’t know about this one…

    I’m 100% for bodymodification, but (except stretched lobes) when your body is misfiguring due to the mods, I think it’s just too much.

    I hope he’s happy with it (which doesn’t seem to be a problem ^^)

  21. Ah, a White man with no sense of self…………so nice.

    Seriously, this is the most disgusting picture to date.

  22. Bless him, he’s consistently lovely.

    How does this give him no sense of self? If anything, it gives him greater presence by following an aesthetic path so aversive to the majority. You don’t commit to the modifications he has, unless you truly mean it.

  23. how funny, I was just looking at his profile yesterday. I agree that I want to know the practicality of these mods, though.

  24. hes amazing and hes happy with his mods so kudos to him
    i would love a septum like his

  25. 40! awww i watch his vids from you like and your right, he is even more endearing 🙂

  26. the contrast between photos of him when he was young and unstretched and now is incredible

  27. I think it looks adorable on him, and I generally don’t like large stretched lips. It reminds me a bit of a duck with both, but he looks quite pleased with them ^.^

  28. Jenya is so adorable! He always puts a smile on my face, he’s just so unfailingly happy in all his pictures. =D Even his name is cute!

  29. I think Jenya has sufficiently slayed his father.
    Nothing says ‘Fuck You, DAD!’ like a Jenya photo spread.
    Well done.

  30. Sorry aber was soll daran den noch schön sein, das hat jeden Sinn zur ästhetik verloren!
    seine ganzen Piercings ud Plugs behindern in im Alltag

    Fucking Idiot !!

  31. remove the philtrum AND the labret. I want to see those two dried out gummyworms slap together.

  32. haha good luck to him when hes older and his life philosophies change……but his face doesn’t 🙂

  33. He doesn’t look as happy without his lip plate in? Or maybe I’m just seeing things.

    He’s so adorable though, especially when he speaks.

  34. Eeeeeep! I adore Jenya- he’s suuch a truly happy sOul- remiinds me ov sOme fae*trickkster 😀

    And he’s such a lovely persOn- I am beginning my labret stretching journey- and while I am nOt going to the lengths he has, I was still curiious for sOme ov his helps and hints- he was such an amazing help~!

    And I does has love for his “stretched” dreads- AAAAAAH!

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