One Last Tournament

Tears welled up in her good eye. She’d finally tracked him down. It had taken her years, cost her countless hours and untold dollars. And now? He couldn’t even look at her.

“I never thought I’d see you again,” she whispered.

“I hoped you wouldn’t,” he told her. “I deserve to be alone.”

“It wasn’t your fault,” she said, adjusting her eye patch. “Polo is a dangerous sport. I knew that going in. We all did.” She paused. “We’re getting the team back together for a tournament. One time, big payoff. We want you in.”

He felt a chill go through his body. “Why me?” he asked.

“Because,” she said, “you’re the best.”

“Even if I wanted to, would the club let me back in?”

She pursed her lips into a tight smile. “I think we could pull some strings.”

“I don’t know,” he said. “What if I just don’t have it anymore?”

“John,” she said, “I don’t even need one good eye to know you’ve still got it.”

“One time?” he said, adjusting his tie.

“One time.”

His eyes narrowed into a steely and determined glare. Muscle memory informed him that his arm could still pull off that legendary swing. The blood in his veins was freezing over into ice water.

“First things first,” he said, “let’s go get my horse out of hock.”

(Photo of _Stigmata_ and Lady Diabla.)

38 thoughts on “One Last Tournament

  1. I love the asymmetry of the tattoo on his forehead and his horns. He pulls off the suit very nicely, too.

  2. Wait, is this picture old? Or did Stimaga have the circle implant taken out of his forehead?

  3. ohh you look so awesome!
    your wunderfull black tattoos all over your face ist such impressive!!
    i just want the same for my cat..
    awesome !!!

  4. cute couple, interesting story, great springer show. I must say I preferred stigmata with the horns than the circle. something about A guy with horns… I just want to bite them, the horns that is 😉

  5. Jordan, after reading that story my daily concerns for your mental stability seem well justified 😛

    on a more serious note however that is a very good photo and Stigmata looks sanppy as all hell!

  6. i just saw him on National Geographic’s “Taboo” on Wednesday.. he got his implants removed, and that was when he got his circle implant

  7. This photo was actually taken durin the first part of Taboo right before i had the horns out. Horns are always off they never sit straight but mine kept gettin hit and scarred so they kept moving worse then normal. Lesson learned. hahaha but the eye patch was related to an accident on ozzfest not springer

  8. ^^ watching you on the show has definitely made me reconsider my horns. i always was thinking about what people were going to say, and never about hitting them on things. thanks for getting me to step back, and re-think this whole thing. you rocked on that show! <3

  9. wait! I finally get to ask this question: was your story on the show really true??????????????

  10. way to represent in Breaking Bad rockstar!
    you helped reinforce that the heavily modified are apparently nothing but junkies and criminals

  11. wow i love the hair 😀
    she looks a little like gwen stefani, me thinks.. 🙂

  12. and for the record…i like to say i proved that the heavily modified can still get work. unlike some of these insane cry babu young kids that wont take piercings out to get jobs and cry they are broke and live off their parents. who cares what role i play on a tv show or movie. its work. bottom line 🙂

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