Getting Shit Dunn III

We’ve been following Eric‘s intense thigh-and-more scarification from the beginning (here and here), and now we have yet another update! This time around, you’re looking at a piece that is just over eight months old (or 21,168,000 seconds…or 248 days…and so on) and it has raised just beautifully. It should come as no surprise, of course, that this was done by The Thunder From Down Under, Wayde Dunn while in scenic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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52 thoughts on “Getting Shit Dunn III

  1. I love it, but I think it looked even coola when it was fresh. I know it can’t stay that way for ever though… Or can it?

  2. ive been waiting to see an update on this for a while and sure it enough it looks as amazing as when it was first cut.

    his legs are so perfectly hairless…… (:D

  3. truth be told.. pretty much every scarification i’ve seen looks awesome when its a fresh cutting.. then when its healed i feel that the same effect could have been better achieved through tattoo.

    I’ve also often thought that many get scar projects instead of tattoos because tattoos have become more accessible and acceptable. so tats aren’t edgy enough anymore.

    then comes along this scarification project.

    this is fucking wonderful. and the end result is better than a fresh cutting.


    and like everyone else that has already said it

    i wanna touch it!

  4. I clicked through to the comments to make sure no one called you on your sarcastic reference to “scenic” Philly. Looks good.

  5. Can’t believe no one’s mentioned his Piercing =/
    I’m surprised it’s on the main page too haha usually that’s censored

  6. oooer personal scratch-er hey count me in i do have the longest nails in all the land! *giggles* but yes back to the matter of beautiful scar pieces this one take the cake for me so pretty and the boy too xxx

  7. The original pattern was beautiful but much of the fine detail has been lost, the scarring is uneven, and the underlying skin seems discoloured (although that could be the photo). All in all, the original design would have been realized much better with a tattoo, I think.

  8. i wonder if he needed to stretch daily as the scars settled , just as its so big, so as not to tighten up.
    awesome piece!

  9. In awe of all the continuing positive comments.
    The least I can do it answer questions…

    Sathka, I still weigh the same. I bike to work and worked out my pouch.
    Gavtatu, regular daily activities keep me good, I wont lie, it was tight during the healing process.
    The unevenness is partially due to how my body healed; how the flesh varies over the span of the piece,
    tension and pressure from clothing and body movement. A tattoo would lack the three dimensional quality and not offer the subtleties of the flesh reparation process. I see the beauty in the irregularities.

    And Jordan, come on, I really wanted Phils head on my peeking peen.
    Screw this stuff about scars its SO 2000 and late.
    By the way, shout out to Brian at Pure for the 0g scalpeled apadravya.

  10. I love it, one of the best scarifications ever done.

    This and Anders ‘flowers’ are the best pieces ive ever seen for sure

  11. Loves the scars, love the tatoo, love the piercing… love his style. I wish I was closer

  12. I find myself rubbing the screen demanding to know why they cant make it possible to feel textures through it.

  13. Ha, internet fails again.
    For real people, I live a secluded life in a watchtower overlooking Manhattan.
    If any travel to nyc I dont mind you touching me but I might insist on you buying
    or better yet making me dinner….

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  15. Why is this is this so beautiful? I was never very fond of the idea of scarification until I saw this.
    I, like many, felt that very similar achievements could be made through a tattoo. However, this design, with it’s intricacy and multi-faceted characteristics, absolutely have my vote in scarification vs. tattoo-work. It is amazing how the eye can be caught in so many directions and can focus in and out on certain aspects of the piece. It is amazing. The idea of the texture of this, visually, aesthetically, and physically, is absolutely breathtaking to behold.
    You, sir, have made the choice of a lifetime in having this done.
    And many, many compliments to Wayde Dunn for the amazing work he did here.

    Along with many props to Eric for being able to handle the healing process on this. I know I could not dare to fare so well in such an endeavor.

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