Thy Will Be Done

We’re gonna have a whole lot more Dallas SusCon photos filtering in shortly, but let’s keep it in-house for now with these lovely shots of Miss Cookie as captured by BME’s own Phil Barbosa. Those are some long since healed branding scars on her chest (as well as 3D implants), and after the jump, check out some scars on her stomach with outlines cut in with scalpels and filled in with electrocautery branding, all by her husband, Steve Haworth.

21 thoughts on “Thy Will Be Done

  1. the scars on her chest look horrid. i don’t know if they ment it to look like a peeling sunburn but i don’t find that appealing at all.

  2. @ MadHatter: What heart? Do you mean the scarification underneath her infinity sign?

  3. Ezekial. Your obviously not a fan of branding…big surprise you commented

    Mad hatter. It is a 3d art infinity symbol accented with branding to alter the appearance of the incision used to put the implant in. It just keloided a little more but it gave her the look she wanted. over the fine line scar from where the implant was inserted.

    Congrats cookie on being super hot, and not holding any punches

  4. The beauty of this modified society is that we all have different tastes and that we all respect that we may not agree with the way things look or how they are performed, HOWEVER, we are all one and apart of a small subculture. (As big as it may seem we are a small subculture) You are all welcome to your opinions of my piece.

    It has been under construction for 8 years and hasn’t been worked on in 2 years. I will be branding over certain areas again and adding tattoo work to enhance the piece. I haven’t decided what to put in the center below the scar, knowing it will raise up I’m not sure branding is the method I should use. As I evolve it will come to me.

    Thanks for adding me to the mod blog! This is a project that is dear to my heart and means so much to me, I am glad I could share it. My arms are in the process of having scarification from Wayde Dunn and Steve then the tattooing from my chest down my arms. I am no where near finished with this area of my body.


  5. #8 It is not that I am not a fan of branding it is that I am a fan of good quality work. Yeah it is a brand but I am not going to sugar coat it and say its sweet because it is what it is. The work done on her stomach is marvelous wish I could have said the same about the chest piece.

  6. Again Ezekial…you dont know what your talking about. It may be the photo but I have seen the work in person…so it is what it is, and imo its top notch

  7. Cookie, I like your earrings! Is it a chain of links in a round circle? Solid or flexible? Have never seen anything like that!

  8. Well thats your opinion because you have seen it first hand, while most others don’t have the honor to see it in person and are just going by what we see in the picture.

  9. oooooooooooooooooh i had the same trouble as madhatter, i thut it was a heart but now i see.

    and cookie i think tattooing to enhance it will look brilliant. wat you said was also very eloquent.
    love it.

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