We Ride Rollercoasters Into the Ocean

And here we have Cynn, showing off her ever-expanding floral bodysuit. This time around? The throat and face. A couple more shots, after the jump.

(Tattoos done at Southside Tattoo in Arizona.)

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20 thoughts on “We Ride Rollercoasters Into the Ocean

  1. Jordan you’re awesome, but I miss Shannon!
    He gave ModBlog some depth that I don’t see very often any more

  2. I believe it is an earring in her nostril. I love floral tattoos, the purple smokey business she has going on works reeeaally well with this.

  3. I love ear tattoos!
    And oh, wow. This is really stunning.

  4. i dont actually think the quality of this tattoo is good… or maybe thats not the point

  5. I’m not that impressed, to be honest :\ The actual quality of the tattoos seems kinda so-so

  6. #17: yeah, you’re right, but speaking of design & placement… I mean, whoah.

  7. I really like the idea behind the bodsuit….a body of flowers, something natural, something pretty and feminine yet bold due to the sheer amount of work and the areas it covers…
    🙂 beautiful.

    Although, agreed with Laura and Donna; the tattoo isn’t exactly prize winningly perfect, but it’s pretty good…Agreed on the fact some of the lines arent well executed or colour isnt fantastic, but it’s still beautiful 🙂

    …And to Johnny, by the looks of her lobes, the jewelry in them has been ripped and maybe in construction?

    …lol. i r have too much times on hands.

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